Sunday, September 30




on my way to gym

Saturday, September 29

Late night snack

Got a craving for unhealty food as happens on saturdays especially after a heavy night on the boose.

My snack this evening turned ou to be simple quesadillas w HOT taco sauce & yoghurt.

right now I feel like a cat by the milk bowl ......



cardigan- filippa K
tights- Cheap monday
shoes- bianco


Last night was fun and I had plans in doing some shopping today, but the only thing I ended up getting was more tea a new concelaer and tread.


My furniture

AT least my new furniture is getting used alot.

Think it has become my new liviving quarters instead of computer desk as it was before.

Friday, September 28



top-the breed
jeans-lee skinny
x&yz boots

yepthe fav colour grey & the fav clothes for now on

Thursday, September 27



top: petit betau
dress- modström
tights- who knows

Wednesday, September 26


I finally got around to go and pick up my parcel yesterday & I can only say one thing. The tunic from the breed is my new love.

It is the most cofortable garments I have ever worn, don't now what I would do without it....

the dress & cardigan I have only tried on, but they feel comfotable and I have a feeling I will get some wear out of them to. One down bit with cardigan is that there are no pockets, where will I put my wok keys when wearing it?? ;)

now I just ned tot decide what I'll wearr to after work on fri night and I got same sleepiing arangements as previously....



top: the breed
jeans. skinny leg diesel
shoes: X&YZ

Tesday night

This is what I did all night yesterday......

Yes marking exams, it is a tedious buisness.....but gotta be done

Tuesday, September 25


skirt. esprit
stocking- who knows

Monday, September 24

Dead Puppies

You just gotta love this,

Gotto watch it in a lecture I attended today



tunic-twist & tango
jeans- diesel skinny leg

Sunday, September 23

101things to do before you die- Monopoly pubcrawl

A couple of years ago a friend of mine got the book 101 things to do before you die and well I wasn't slow in getting one and also giving it to party twin on her birthday. In this book there are some great things, some that have bin on my list for a while and others like the London monopoly pubcrawl (neverr heard of before) that was just one of those things i just had to do...

So me & my yfriends promised that we will do it together, thing is just to get time together to do it. But one day in a not to distant future we hope it will happen.

There is just a slight detail about the rules since there are 26 pubs to visit a PINT would be suicide, but no drink at all would be cheating........

photo: viral, 101 things to do

My next makeup purchase

On pret-ty they are talking about what their next make up purchase will be

and well I'm not that slow in tagging on that one.

As you all know I'm going to london in a little bit more than a months time and seemslike at the moment it will mainly be make up shopping for me (haha dream on)but what I want to get next is some new brushes and these from japonesque that you an buy at satine.

and for london s along long list but on top if that is NARS blush orgasm (isn't the color lovely?!)

photo: hqhair, satine

New CD

YES the cat empire have finally released a new Album , SO MANY NIGHTS, but only available in Australia so far :(

Bt good thing is that they are coming to Sweden early november. Count me n that I will be either there or when they visit Copehagen a couple of days bf.

photo: the cat empire

Saturday, September 22

Laundry day

I can not belive how much laundry one person possible an manage to get together during one month. Yes have had some trouble in gettig a suitable time down in the laundry where I live. All available timeslots are during gthe day when I'm at work.


Wednesday, September 19

Grey's anatomy

Finally tonite He is back. yes MCdreamy.....

Wouldn't mind a marathon nite bt can settle for two episodes in a row if I have to ;)

photo: smh

Squeaky toy

I sound like a broken sqeuky toy. Or a boy in puberty that has no control over his voice levels.

My co-workers are amusde because they never know what I will soundlike when I speak, or if there are gonna be any sound at all.

Have no gone into cure step 2

step 1: was drink ots of tea & stay warm

step 2. drinkn lots of tea with a splash of whishey in it and stay warm, try relax voice. (my sinuses have cleaned up a bit from the whskey induced tea)

step 3: hope I'll be better before his but that will inclcude all above and call in sick I guess. Not sure my boss wants me around sounding any worse than this.

Monday, September 17

Me like

I really like this simple look.

The way I wanna look rigght now, butt fall has arrived and we are freezinour asses of here istead:(

photo: the sartoralist

New years

Party twin what is your plans for New Years???

Party at home or?

Feeling like a trip away somewhere :P

Sunday, September 16

The klickfinnger took control over the computerr (again

Did a browsig around some web shops and well some tems managed to sneak is way into the bassket & are hopefully arriving by mail this comming week.

What I got was:

A t-shirt dress and a cardigan from the Breed and a blue dress from Modström from Shopaholic.

Can't wait to get them and the only thing I really need to get for fall/winter now is some nice grey cardigans (prefeably a dark & a alight grey one)

Feels like I'm in a grey period at the moment......

photo: shopaholic


Small space reguire flexible furniture like

A) bed couch

B) 3 level table can make it bigger when more ppl in the visinity

C) well still tryinig to figue that out how to make more space , guess ulitmate would be wall mounted tv dvd (the whole bloody thiing)

Have mangaed with both A and B, C etc I geuss will take a long time until I figure out how to get mote space....

just ordered this table from Mio, should arrive late next week


My couch

It has arrived....

Finally, ok one week earlier than planned it looks really good.

My table will be picked p nextt week so will post a pic then

bad blogger

Sorry have lost the spark.

There is a lot of stuff goingon at work, so when I finally do get home I have no urge to look at computer and to use my brain.

My shopping urge is getting back though (of course when I'm broke)

Saturday, September 8

Abit of shopping

Well did a little bit of shoping today. Only necessary stuff I promise I needed it all :P

candles, red tea, new tea strainer, facial toner, eye shadows (were on sale) and soem stuff for when I go to London (new travels size bottles)

Friday, September 7


Here we go in end of October I will be going to Londoon for 4 days. Yes its a buisness trip, but I'm quite sure there will be some freetime to do other stuff to while we are there.

If not I will make sure there is freetime to do other stuff.
So right now I'm trying to be good and not spend my money on anything at all. Gonna save save save. I will be good, only food and gas purchaes the following 2 months ( and yhea refill of cleansing stuff that I need) but nothing else. No clothes, shoes, make up or expensive food. I will livelika a poor uni students until then. Anything to have some extra cash for when I go there!!!

Thursday, September 6

For the first time in a decade

I feel like a kid first day in school at the moment. For the first tme in a decade Im gonnatake a riding class. Used to be amajor horse girl, having my own and all. But due to moving overseas, a lot of work in school etc etc i stopped :(

Last fall i did soem riding bareback at the horses we had a work & took a islandhorse tour this spring , but other than that i have hardly laid my eyes on a horse since sometime in 1998.

hemost amazing thins is that my riding pants still fit (a bit tight in waist but...) have two pairs and the ones I bought 1996 fit me the est (softer material) how long they will hold to gether is a nother story, my main issue is my calves have gone a bit thicker and if I stick to riding I will need to invest in a new pair:(

heron island tischa
high waist riding pants
socks and black riding boots

sweatshirt and riding gloves will go on before i jump into the saddle and so will my lovley 2 shaded helmet (faded in sun :( )

Monday, September 3

GEEK warning

It wasn't only fashion & beauty shopping I did. Today my parcel from finally arrived.

in it was wild mammals in captivity, environmental enrichment for animals in captivity and zoology & biology colouring book

Now my fellow students have lots of work to do for me :D


Well this weekend I did manage to get some money spending in AND car driving- I have driven over 1000 km the past 3 days. I promnise that I 'love' driving to work at the moment.

At least I might be able to get some rides from a co worker in the end of week. :D

Ok what did I get.
well thursday a pair of shiny thigts (wore them today) really comfy, but ugly as hell in waist high & loose fit?!)

on saturday I managed to find a gorgeous pair of black boots from ecco (yes that old lady shoe brand) but I still love them & they do fit my skinny legs really well.

got some makeup stuff to like facial cream, nail polish (opi brisbane bronze , yes name hade some to do w purchase), opi nailpolish remover, concealer brush, hair treatment & salt water spray.


I know I have bin soo quiet lately but as you have noticed all my weekends have bin fully booked. This weekend no exception at all.

I went to the east coast to realx drink wine & spend some time with one of my old room mates & now I miss her & our life we had as crazy uni students in a new town, hot guys & oh boy wierd guys!!

Today meetings and plannign the week... That did not go good, got a little into planning, but mainly I planned stuff weeks ahead happening at work

I'm wearing:

dress- alexander wang
ress- karanina
tights- cheap monday
black ballerina
cardigan- j. lindeberg