Tuesday, November 30

Students most important item

Things have shifted since last time I was a fulltime student at uni. AT that time it was coffe and smokes that were my two most important studyfriends.

At the moment it seems to me coffe and a poweroutlet. I seem to be spending more time at uni chasing an available poweroutlet (with accomodationg table and chair) than coffe.

Scary or just the new way to study?

Day 03 - My parents

My Parents I love them. They mean alot to me and anyone who has meet me also knows this. They have bin by my side what ever stupid decisions I make.

My dad is not happy about me deciding to go back to uni and has said so, but he still supports me in my decisions that I have done while here. That is how he is. He tells me what he thinks when his temperament flairs and that I just have to live with. Especially since my temperament is as bad as his is and he N E V E R listen. Ok you think thats the problem of all parents they never listen. But considering my complains over it to and that he proves over and over again by asking the same question over and over again (getting surprised over the answer).

My mom she is almost the complete opposite of dad and I guess that is one reason why they complement eachother so well ( I know what I wish I had gotten from each of them). She on the other hand support me to death and listen to everything that I say, sometime a little to well for my liking. She is like me will remeber something I said offhand a long time afterwards.

Monday, November 29

Day 02 - My first love

So the challange for today is to write about my first love. Who/ What was my first love? That is the question I ask myself at the moment.

Ofcourse we have mr P who I loved( was interested in) for years and years and years in school. But he never liked me (as is the story of my life). Why am I supposed to write about him?

Then we have my first pet (that I can remeber) a budgee called Micke he lived for 16 years & I cried when he died.

Mr J was the first one who really broke my heart. We met shortly after that I had moved back from the states and I fell. I guess he didn't really fall that hard (or I scared him away) but he broke up with me on january 1st 2000. Welcome to the new Millenium. After that I think I broke some guys hearts so I guess the heart breaking is equal now....

Swallowing darkness

Swallowing darkness
By: Laurel K. Hamilton

Oh my god, what is this? Fantasy Porn?? I finished the book a while ago, but still haven't gotten over the sex in this book.
The story, well I would have been happy if it said somewere in this book that its part 7 of a series. Yes you can read it independently as I clearly did and understood it fine. But when standing there on a ferry trying to decide what book to buy I think it is important that on the backside or someplace write out that this book is part of a series and especially what part it is. This I didn't find out until I got home and googled it.

Except it being book 7 and excluding the sex what did I think. For me this was a modern fantasy that has a good story, but for me it was to complex and to much going on at once. This might have something to do with there being 6 books previously. But I still can't get over all the group orgies and tentacls etc.

I need a new good fantasy series to fill my mind any tips out there?

I only give this a one and that is for the main story if it wasn't for that....

page count: 6 324 + 528 = 6 852

Sunday, November 28

Monday Morning luxury

For five weeks I have been driving back and from uni every friday and back dead early monday morning. This weekend my landlord had stable duty and offered me to stay the weekend. Thank god for that considering we have gotten more snow that last week.

This means that tomorrow morning is the fist monday i five weeks when the alarm doesn't go off before 5 am. It actually will not ring until after 7!

Love lecturers that doesn't start their classes until 10. Its just that I have to catch the train by 8:30 to hopefully get there on time in this weather.

Day 01 - About me

30 days

Day 01 - About me
Day 02 - My first Love
Day 03 - My parents
Day 04 - Foodchart
Day 05 - What is love?
Day 06 - My day
Day 07 - My best friend
Day 08 - A snapshot
Day 09 - My belief
Day 10 - Daily outfit
Day 11 - My siblings
Day 12 - Inside my purse
Day 13 - This week
Day 14 - Favorite hairstyle not-Daily outfit
Day 15 - My dreams
Day 16 – My first kiss
Day 17 – My favorite memory
Day 18 – My favorite birthday
Day 19 – This I regret
Day 20 – This month
Day 21 – Another snapshot
Day 22 – This upsets me
Day 23 – This cheers me up
Day 24 – This makes me cry
Day 25 – A first
Day 26 – My fears
Day 27 – My favorite spot/Place
Day 28 – This I miss
Day 29 – My ambitions
Day 30 – A last snapshot

Swimming flume

When everything fails you have to do it yourself. I made a drawing a couple of years ago of a swimming flume. Now when I need it again the file is corrupt and can't be open.

This is what I drew from my memory. Can be some errors since I did this in 2005.

Are you kidding me

Its not even december and this is the amount of snow outside.....

It has bin like this for over a week now. It better not stay until april 2011

A short history of nearly everything

A short history of nearly everything By. Bill Bryson

I liked this book, but it took forever to finish. I'm sorry but some of those chapters are a drag. While other are awsome and you just can't stop reading. This is the type of book that you can pickup and read a couple of pages, put back down and leave for as long as you want and then start reading without having to go back. It is not the book that you need to finish within a week.

I feel like I have learned a little from this book, but being a biologist/zoologist alot is more a refresh, but its good when trying to explain for a non-biologist about natural history.

I give this book and four and think that everybody should read it.

Page count: 5 907 + 417 = 6 324

Friday, November 26

Not again

I don't know whay or how I always managed to do this, but for the last couple of years every guy that I meet and gets attracted to is already taken. The same has happened again.

There is this guy in my course and from the day we decided to go for a pizza run mu heart was in. Ofcourse it only took like a day to discover that he had a girlfriend (like always).

I don't know what it is, but as soon as I meet a guy that I fancy/ find interesting it only takes a shorrt while until I foínd out that he has a girlfriend. It never goes wrong!

How do I get rid of this curse?

BTW the guy I have fallen for this time is either a super sweet heart or is showing some interest in me to. What to do??

Thursday, November 25

Its just NOT fair!

This spring a friend of mine found out that her daughter has type I dieabetes.
This tuesday the same friend found out that her outher daughter has Leukemia.
Why is it that in some families everything happens?
They don't deserve it.
They are the sweetest parents alive!
My heart goes out to you in this horrible time.

If you want to help go to barncancerfonden

Morning luxury

I had forgotten how a real sleepin morning feels like. You know those morning when you have to go to work/uni, but you don't have to be there before noon.

Those mornings when you don't have things you H A V E to do before going in. My new course started yesterday and I feel that I don't have any work that needs to be done, I'm currently living in a friends apartment and arrived yesterday so there is no clean to speak about. Its snowing outside but my friend don't have a snowshovel so I can't help her opening up the walkpath etc.

So I can just sit here in the couch with my huge cup of coffe and enjoy. Think about what to wear today.

Tuesday, November 23

One step closer

I am one step closer to Mexico after hitting the jackpot on the exam!!

I got a 5!

Sunday, November 21

The grade stress = Mexico

So as you may know I have N E V E R been the girl that stresses over my grades. Hell I barely passed all my classes in high school, at uni I lived for parties and study came second (did pass all my courses though) and thats the story of my life....

Until know. Suddenly I me, the looser, the party babe, the stupid, the live for the moment have an option of going to mexico for 4 months to study spider monkeys.

The only think is that I need to stick to being top of the class for this course and next. I now that my professor likes me and I just need to convince him that I'm am definately one of the students that he wants to send across the atlantic ocean....

Saturday, November 20

87,5 %

Yes yes yes.

I pulled a 9 on the last labreport, that we good sent back and called a disastrous draft. Nice job team. 8 hrs of work and a disaster gave a 9/10.

The last summary handed in we finaly aced a 10 on it.

SO that gives my total in course work at 87,5%, minimum for a 5 is 85%. Now I Just need to ace that exam on monday. No pressure at all no pressure....

Friday, November 19

Mapping of the cats brain


Some forgotten areas:

  • Respect of people trying to sleep (minute area)
  • Ability to be in the way for peoples legs aka. the tripping hazard (should take up about 50% of a hemisphere)
  • Emergency attention need when computer is activaed and worked on (does not work when just playing on computer)
  • Inability to drink out of clean water bowl, but sink, toilet, water can, flower pot, pond, shower, bathwater, rain water etc is delicious

Thursday, November 18

almost there

So last week of the first course is almost over, ONly two more written assignments to hand in ( one today and one tomorrow) and then the exam on monday.

Had two orals this week and did fairly ok. On the first one I got an 8/10 (the one with the idiotic group member) and on the second I got a 9/10 (this one with the hottest guy in the class).

Fingers crossed I pull atleast a 9 on one of the subject. Do fairly well on exam & I should be able to clear the 85% mark.

At the moment I have 85% on orals. Written not known yet.


This week I had lunch with a friend at uni. We were sitting talking when one of her other friends showed up and as cutom is we got intrudced to each other as this is xxxx say hi to xxxx. Oh by the way I have changed name didn't you know? Nothing wired with that. My name is now mr xxxx. Yes I'm having a sex change.

It was so wired when seeing the person it just felt wrong when i was told a womans name at first. Everything with this person was male. Yes you could tell she is a female, but nope I can understand the decision of sex change because everything about her were male (except the sex).

It made me thinking and we had a discussion yesterday in class about transsexuals and that they say they were born into the wrong sex. That is what I felt when meeting this person.

I didn't know how I would deal with ever meeting a person that have gone though a sex change is going to go through one, but after meeting one. I'm just like ofcourse I can see now (in this instance) how a person can claim beloning to the wrong sex.

I have no problems with homo-, bi- or transsexuals. But I have always wondered how I would react when meeting a person that has had a sex change.

In this instance it was so obvious that it was just briefly mentioned in the conversation and then we all headed into a heated discussion about what an idiot I have as a group memeber in a project. Just like that. "Hi, this is XXXX, by the way that is not right I have changed name to xxxx and will have a sex change" Nothing more so obvious so clear. NO judgement from my side more than clarity.

Saturday, November 13

I say YES!

To wolves in Sweden.


Wednesday, November 10


At the moment I seem to find hot men everywhere! Its so bad that I loose my concentartion from time to time.

We have:
  • the library guy
  • the classmate
  • the possible roomie
  • guy/s in hallway


Lab assignment 1 completed! This is looking better and better. Now I Just have to survive lab assignment 2 and then litterature assignment 2 before I can relax until the exam.

Unfortunately I'm not on good terms with one of my group memebers but its just to accept and work from there...

Tuesday, November 9

1½ month

I have survived a month and a half with no breaking the shopping ban (except in Stockholm). It feels good and I'm proud over myself. Had to add a winterjacket to my list since it turns out I don't have a waterproof winterjacket anymore.

So my need to shoppinglist looks as follow:

  • Nailpolish remover
  • toiletries bag
  • Everyday Jeans
  • Facial cream
  • Inner soles for my hikingboots AND winterboots
  • Nailpolish Top coat- To be clear TOP COAT not coloured nail polish
  • Winter jacket

Saturday, November 6

Good week

This have bin a good week at uni:

1) spend all week at KOlmården zoo doing behavioral studies on Elephants
2) got an 8/10 on written litterature assignment.
3) Got a High C (almost a D) on first assignment from Gothenburgh Uni. Happy considering I wrote it in an evening while at Komlården with work a couple of weeks ago.
4) got a 9/10 on second oral assignment.
5) its soon time for lunch with a friend.

Downside: I forgot to sign up for a seminar, so if I can't get my lecturer to add me into it after deadline I have to retake the course next year. If that is so I'm putting all my energy into getting that course credited. Its the. "Introduction to advanced academic studies" bullshit course

Morning drink

When its to hard to drink out of the tub, why not go straight to the source: The hose?

A fresh breath and theet check up in the morning: Why not use the high pressure hose for this?

Wednesday, November 3

All the ladies in the house say Yhea!


Got an 8/10 for our first litterature assignment!

Now I just need to up the game for the following three assignments

I think I can almost be sure

Yesterday I found an apartment from january until march. After that I need to know where I'll be living and what I'm doing to do my masters thesis on.