Thursday, September 30


Today I went into the city to buy a birthday present and a new mascara. I got those items AND the shoes in the previous post and a think silky shirt from H & M.....


Always in need of new shoes....


Its time for new glasses. Can you guess which frame I picked out of the four below?

Pink day 3


top_ gina tricot
skirt- filippa K
belt- vintage
tights- lindex
cardigan- henry loyd
shoes- scorett


I guess I have to admit it now. There is no returning back:

Fall is here and today is the first morning that I actually have to scrape ice of the windows on my car before being able to drive it.

not my car on photot (neighbourscar)

Pink day 2


top- Vila
tischa. the breed
tights- gina tricot
shoes- scorett
cardigan- whyred

Wednesdays outfit

Pink day 1


top- fornarina
dress- garden collection H & M
tigts- zoul
shoes- esprit
cardigan- whyred

Tuesdays outfit

Green day 5


top_ H& M Sonia rykiel
skirt- 28th street
tights- armani
shoes- replay gumboots

Saturdays outfit

Wednesday, September 29

colour challenge outfits

There will be a major posting with colour outfits this evening (hopefullt) have bin working 11hrs a day lately and sunday was a recordbreaking hangover day.....

Oh boy

I am now undertaking a 2½h journey (one way) to attend a 1hr lecture in how to use the universitys library. This is compulsary for all new masters students.

Apperently I have an compulsary leture on friday to about course registration, studyhandbook, etc etc (can't they just send out a folder with this information when acepted to the uni?!)

Tip of the day

When wearing laque tights do NOT sit down in a white leather couch without anything in between. It will stain! Eventhough the tights are ancient in your closet they will stain!

This also include do not have light coloured items next to them in drawers (turn them inside out).

Sunday, September 26


Wine should have a warning on the label that tell you:

When you consume to much of this product you might suffer from: Light amnesia, cleptomy, headache, nausea and dehydration.

Friday, September 24


Green day 4


top- filippa K
skirt- 28th street
tights- Armani
cardigan- Whyred

Thursday night

Last night after everything was over I sat down in the couch with a glas of red wine. That was the last thing I did. At 9 am I crawled into bed with a headache that was out of this world.

Green day 3


jeans- acne
cardigan- whyred
shoes- esprit

Got a severe migrane last night hence posting tonight

Wednesday, September 22

Not so green Outfit

not so green today. Had to have a break.

Tuesday, September 21

Shoes in the box

Need to fill up the space in the book boxes, why not use some sandals?

Green day 2


top-28th street
dress- stylein
cardigan- henry loyd
tights- ica

Book box packing

Renting out my apartment so need to pack down some of my stuff....

Monday, September 20

Green day 1


top- Zoul
Cardigan_ Henry Loyd
jeans- acne


I'm ashamed and chocked. But not surprised wich I guess is even scarier.

Yes thats right Sverige demorkaterna made it into out government yesterday and now its offical that I live in a country where 5,8% of people allowed to vote are rasist.

But I'm going to follow as Katta Kvack said 5,8% voted for racism, but 94,2 % voted against and we just need to make sure than in four years when we have our election again that that number has shrunk.

I wasn't surprisde either when SD won the school election at our school with the comments following from some of my colleaguse. "We live in a democracy, we just have to accept how they think?!" I'm sorry am I supposed to accept racism at a majority then?!!!!

Lets just say its a black monday in sweden today.

Sunday, September 19

Red day 5


top- Texas bull
jeans- Acnes hex

Saturday, September 18

Thursday, September 16

Porcelain flower 2

I like my flowers and they like me (occasionally) like when I remember to give them water. Or when I give them new climbing items.....

Red day 4


dress-paul frank
top- James pearse
shoes- Esprit

Wednesday, September 15

Good deed

On monday I did my deed to society. yes that is right I went and voted for the national election. Since I'm not at home on sunday I had to do it by mail beforehand.

Red day 3


top- Only
skirt- Vintage
shoes_ esprit

Tuesday, September 14

Red day 2


top: Part two
jeans: Acne needle
belt: vintage
shoes: Replay gumboots outside

this is the stomachinchestout pose

Monday, September 13

Red day 1


sweater- Fruit of the loom
tischa- Acne pop classic
skirt: true
tights: ica supermarket
shoes_ ecco

the sun was shining this afternoon when I took the picture.

Saturday, September 11

Blue day 5


Shirt: Vintage
Singlet: Zara basic
Pants: Lexinton
shoes: Ecco golfshoes

Friday, September 10

Not so blue day

I thought I was wearing a navyblue striped top today, turns out it was black stirped. Thank god I said five days a week, have blue tops for the golf course.

Thursday, September 9

Blue day 4


shirt: Fillipa K
jeans: acne
shoes: vagabond

Wednesday, September 8

Free fall

I'm back! Or clumpsy bambi is back, the girl who is famous for falling down stairs!

This morning I did a free fall down my stairwell carrying a box. Thank god the box was soft and that I didn't fight the fall (guess that comes with experience). I missed a step and stepped straight out into the air 3 steps above ground.Partner in crime

I landed on top of the box. Didn't hurt anything, but my right leg have felt a little funny as my right wrist. I suspect I have put alot of force into the bone that there has bin some compression in it.

Blue day 3


dress- guess
cardigan_ whyred
shoes- esprit

Home made

After a friends dauhgter have over time pulled all the elastics out of a set of bracelts I decided that I would make a necklace and bracelet our of it instead. This is how it turned out:

Tuesday, September 7

Oh no

When I finally have managd to wear these shoes in. They bottom part of the heel falls off. SO now I need to find time to hand them into the shoe repair guy.

Blue day 2

shirt: Acne
jeans: acne
shoes: Vagabond

New blog project

I have bin thinking about this for a long long long time, but never really got around to start it up. Well this previous weekend I got around (guess its because I needed to clean apartment). What my attemt is to catagolize my closet and then show how I use my clothes in it.

welcome to visit Bambies closet

At the moment I'm just putting all my clothes up (taking awhile), but the aim is that I ave I will show you how I use my clothes, My hope is that a pattern will appear for me.

I have figured though just the photographing and adding all the information is going to take a while. By the end of the week I suspect I will have added enough clothes for a normal persons wardrobe. To let you know by then I will only have scratched the surface.

Monday, September 6


A couple of weeks ago Alex and Taru posted a recepie on a spagetti bolognese that sounded good. I changed it so that it would go vegetarian & let me tell you it was awsome. Bit spicy but awsome!
  • I used qourn instead of minced meat
  • had to add a can of crushed tomatoes, because I didn't have big tomatoes at home
  • added a cm of dried chilli instead of chillipowder (ran out of powder)


So this is why they call them cocktail tomatoes? You can easily fit 10 of them into a red wine glass

Blue day 1

top- gina tricot
skirt- fillipa K
belt- vintage
shoes- Vagabond
Cardigan- Henry Loyd

First day there was no issues to choose clothes, but I figure by friday its not going to be that easy. Especially since I'm suppsoed to build a monter at an exhibition.

Stinky ballerinas

This is how they looked like when they were brand new.
A year later there were holes in the toes, holes in the heel and they reacked. Got stuck in the rain with them a couple of times and after that it was just over.

Sunday, September 5

Time to sell?

I think it is time to sell my desk. Clearly I only use it for storage of useless items.....
Sure there are some items that I use, like printer, scanner and my portableharddrive. When they are not buried uneath all the millions of other stuff that tend to end up there.

Saturday outfit

My outfit was a little sex and the city season five inspired. But instead of high heels I wore white leather sneakers outside.
Dress: Grab
Top: Purr
jeans: Sass and Bide
Shoes: Esprit

Gift wrapping

Usually when you get your gifts they are perfectly wrapped.....



This year I finally got around to buy myself a nice pair of gumboots that I can wear those days when the rain is just pouring down and there is no end to the puddles.
I have bin crawing a pair of hunters for a couple of years, but there has bin something that just isn't right. In the end of summer me and mom walked around the shops and I stumbeled over these Replay boots. Liked them, but felt they were a little expensive. Couldn't stop thinking about them so a couple of days later we went back to the shop (thank god they still had them in my size). Now I'm just waiting for the rain.....

Saturday, September 4

Whyred dress

For a long time I have bin obsessing over this dress from whyred. Was pissed off when I never got hold of it in their online outlet shop. But was in luck this summer when I found it at my favorite outlet shop. Thank god I didn't buy it online, because the neckline was so deep that in a M my boobs where not covered. Since its a rounded neckline its also almost impossible to have a top underneath without it looking ridiculous.

The rainbow experiment

This summer I got an idea and now its time to test it. I might add this is just an ecxuse for me to go through my closet and see if I can find some new ways in how to wear my clothes.

The deal is that for 5 weeks I will wear a colour for each week. That is for 5 days a week (mon-fri) I will wear a ceratin colour and then the following week I will wear another colour. My aim is to do this for 5 weeks (not sure I have enough of same coloured clothes to manage this). Black, white, denim jeans (blue) and grey is allowed to be worn and then the rest of the outfit will be with one colour.
My plan is like this:
week 1 - blue
week 2- red
week 3- green
week 4- pink
week 5- purple

I swear I will document these and post my outfits each day (photos will be uploaded in the evening). Lets see if I have as much of the colours as I suspect. Would have loved to do a yellow week to,but that needed to be done in the middle of summer.

Friday, September 3

I heart New York

I heart New York
by: Lindsey Kelk

I don't think I have ever read as little books as I did this summer. Even though the weather has bin perfect I have not bin in the mood to read. Until I got this book with UK Glamour magazine. Its chick lit and for some reason I just couldn't put it down. Sure all the brand dropping got a bit annoying and the amount of cash she has on her savings account also bugged me. But the swift turn of events and running away to New York after finding her fiance in the backseat of the car at her best friends wedding pulled me in. I guess its because I can kind of realte to the running away feeling. It is something that I have bin wanting to do for a while, but not bin able to.

Arriving in New York checking into a hotel, getting a complete remake and then buying a brand new wardrobe is something I'm dreaming about right now. So sick of my closet (correction: sick of the weather, don't wanna put more clothes on still wanna live in summer outfits). The hot men that asks her out for dates, the double dating and the decisions in who to choose. The job offer etc etc. This is what I wanna do! But I'm almost doing it just moving to another city (planned) and starting uni (that will lead to another job).

What I also loved was the problems her family and friends at home had to deal with her desion of leaving and starting a new life.

I give it a four.

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