Wednesday, February 28

Pepshow in my bag

Ok so I'm planning to show you the contents of my purse once a month and well this month u can tell that I have bin travelling and well 'hrm' not really paying attention to what I'm luggaging around with me.

No wonder it was HEAVY....

On short: we have the obvious u should find:

wallet, phone, lipgloss (found 6), unbrella, gloves (2 pairs), tissues (3 unopened packs), gum, minties, throath soathers, sugarpills (2 boxes), a bounty, i pod, camera case (empty), a broken necklace, hand creme, calendar, red bulll, hair pins (ofcourse), 2 lighters and coins and tons of reciepts.

Top 10 dresses

Ok so here are the top 10 dresses I would like to wear right now.
1, 2 or 4 I could actually think to wear at a wedding I'm attending in end of summer, but long time until then, many dresses will appear until I make my final decision.

Pictures are from: shopaholic, net-a-porter, Topshop

Saturday, February 24


OH I wish I had some money so that I could go out and buy some of all these lovely dresses that have arrived in the stores for spring.
Want a little babydoll dres, and apron dress and some more cute ones.

need to get some that are suitable for work since I will start teaching teenagers in a couple of weeks and don't think the supershort ones is really appropriate there.

will post you my top 10 dresses I want when i feel a bit better hopefully tomorrow.


Was feeling all ok when I woke up this morning only to find out that my first aid course had bin canx due to illness...
Didn't take many hours after that until my throat were so soar that I hardly could swallow and feeling betetr now but think I have slight fever to :(

My Monthly beauty regime

So well my lovely chestnut hair gets the lovely treatment of:
Shampo: St Ives Purification Green Tea
Conditioner: St Ives Purification Green tea
Hair treatment: Redken Extremé rescue force
Anti frizz: Schwartzkopf taft anti-frizz serum (classic can't live without)
Styling 1: L'oreal Studio Hot straight
Styling 2: John Frieda Sheer blonde Funky chunky
Hair spray: Schwartzkopf Taft
Yes is budget treatment almost all the way

So not as budget but have my classics I just can't live without
Shower gel: Lactasyd (classic and budget)
Body scrub: Clinique sparkle skin exfoliator
Body lotion 1: Natusan hair minimizer
Body lotion 2: Natusan Holiday skin
Body Butter: The body shop Papaya (Classic)
Deodorant: Nivea sensitive skin deostick
Perfume 1: Dior J'adore shimmer
Perfume 2: Escada Into the Blue
Perfume 3: Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise summer edition
Perfume 4: Lancôme Tropiques (not available in northen hemisphere)
Perfume 5: Dior Addict
Handcreme: Clinique water thearapy hand creme (classic)
Yes I am a bit of an perfume addict, can't just have one need one depending on situation and mood.

Am a bit of an Clinique addict yes and I am faithful to my facial products
Facial wash: Clinique liquid facial soap (step 1)
Facial toner: Clinique clarifying lotion 3 (step 2)
Day creme: Clinique dramatically moisturisng gel (step 3 (winter night))
Night creme: Clinique dramatically moisturising lotion (summer night)
Eye creme: Clinique all about eyes
Facial scrub: Clinique pore minimizer thermal active skin refiner
Facial mask: Clinique deep cleansing emergency mask
Make up remover: Clinique Rinse of foaming cleanser
Eye make up remover: Clinique take the day of makeup remover
Yes I am an addict to their stuff ;)


Concealer: Chanel
Foundation: Dior fluide
Eyeliner: Lancôme Kohl black
Eye shadow: Clinique colour surge strawberry fudge
Mascara: Dior show unlimted
Blush: Clinique Limited edition palette (F/W2006)
Lip gloss 1: Lancôme Juicy plump rose
Lip gloss 2: Lancôme Juicy plump bronze
Lip stick: Dior rouge Pink (seasons colour)
Lip balm 1: Elisabet Arden Eight hour cream
Lip balm 2: Lucas' papaw Ointment (only available in Australia)

Thats all ....

Friday, February 23


Ok so Hotspot just listed her daily routine in the morning and well over the weekend I will give you my list from my morning routine and what products I use in the mission of enhancing my beatuy ;)

Lips of SPRING

This spring the colout for lips are RED, PINK or NUDE ...

Usually I option for Gloss in ALL situations, but after finding the most gorgeous pink colour at the dior counter I decided that I will give it a go this season if not oh well I can always fall back on my gloss in all diff shades that I have

photo: Beauty planet

Foundation dilemma

Well I have a dilemma wanted a new light foundation and had these two to choose between...

Nive matt refine or Dior Fluide

What to do what to do, well my econimical side said the cheaper but splurge won and in the end i had them both with me home

Will give u an update in how they are after a little bit of usage, but at the moment I'm madly in love with them both.

Photos: Kicks, Beuatyplanet

Beauty product from heaven

Veet rasera

Grade: 4/5

I just love this product, and have just found out that apperently it is taken out of production :(

Only negataive is that u have to have the cream on for about 5 min before you jump in the shower and it can stain fabric so no moving while cream is on.

But after that it works like a sharm, very few hairs left after finished.

Caught on tape

Check out day seventeen we r caught on tape (if u now where to look that is)
we r front row behind keyboard guy, also visible when kangaroos is crowd surfing...

cool or what ?!

web page: the cat empire

Thursday, February 22


Ok I have just figured out one good thing with having had this foot surgery except the obvious foot will be alright.

But while it is healing up I can't help out with showling the snow and other fun stuff like that since i'm not supposed to get foot wet and well its a bit to heavy work for me to......



A tip:

If you are planning to stage dive please makesure that u have plenty of strong freinds that can catch you
don't jump into crowd in full speed and especially into a group of girls
can only end oneway

splat on the floor!

THE CAT EMPIRE in concert

Grade: 5/5

best: chariot

worst: hmm have to think about that

They were just amazing and well that we were on front row just made it all better.

In a small theater in the gay district of Köln that is were they played for a good two hours of nonstop music/entertainment. I am amazed about how good these guys are playing and well...

They were good in changing the beat and I',m not even going to try and explain their music its all over the place at one point u are at the carneval, the next at a piano concert, after that on the streets in Costa rica and well you are just thrown all around the world as the music changes around u.

Tuesday, February 20


Yay tonight at 8 we will be there live in consert watching the CAT EMPIRE play.

I´m so exited can hardly wait.....

The cat empire is one of my favorite Aussie bands and well u can imagine my excitement that they are in Europe touring then...

CARNEVAL day 5 the parade

K so we are on the final day of carneval had an early start of the day and by 2 pm we had cleared our first bottle of Schnapps and for me the last. My body didn´t want more booze so well we watched the paraed and were fighting w the little kids over the lollies they were throwing out.

A quite painful experience w chocolate bars getting thrown at you especially teh big blocks.

I realized quite fast that I´m way to inexpereinced when it comes to catching lolloies getting thrown at u and by the end I had quite a poor catch in my bag mainly consisting of tissues and well snickers bars (I don´t even like snickers).

Had some yummuy freis at the food wagon and then went back home to sober up and well....
watch more movies this time... Bridget Jones :)


Today was a quiet day we didn´t do anything except bludge ifront of the Telly and what is better to watch when u r hungover than a Disney movie?! We watched Cars and it is quite good, so many funny details in it etc etc.

And well then we watched the utlimate hungover movie, what more to cheer up up that drags in the desert....

Yes we watched Priscilla Queen of the desert & for seom reason it just keeps getting better everytime i watch it. Even though it was like 3 yrs ago since I last saw it.


So day 3 we went to a lokal pub in the next town and well the tickets were sold out for the night so we had to wait for about 45 min before we had managed to buy 2 spare tickets that people luckily had.

And the rest of the night it was a blast it was so much fun and well so much ppl in this place. Around 1 am I had to throw in the towel after having bin stepped on my foot and well it hurt and the amount of booze in my poor body didn´t help in muffling out the pain.

So I went home and crashed into bed.

Saturday, February 17

Beauty product from Hell

Garde 0/5
well I have bin in search for a good hairremoval creme and belive me this is NOT it.....

to give it a grade from 0-5 i´ll have to say 0. I do not think a single hair was removed even though I followed the directions on the pacaging.

So this ends up on my beauty product from Hell list will shortly start to give u a Beauty product from Heaven list to.



K so most of yesterday was spend horizontsal on the floor for me, about as much as my head allowed me to move.. So all day watching worthkess tv etc etc...

In the evening we caught up with a friend that plays in a traditional Karneval marching band. Ie we got to tag along and get free beer, even ended up in a livingroom with the 50 man string marching band where food and beer were being served.

Never got hold of a Robin Hood hat last night, we actually didn´t see a single Robin on the streets and pubs of Cologne.

Instead one of the guys in themarching band were nice enough to lend me his hat for a while :)

My sacrifize to the party gods

K so well hmm seem to have bin a bit busy w the schnapps and hence forgot to bring all my stuff with me back home in the evening.
Left my hat at the last pub, so now my mission is to find a Robin Hood and steal his hat. Preferably without him noticing this ;)

Two toilets kissing

Well this had me and a friend in a hysterical laughing fit. Not that two guys r VERY eager to kiss eachother, but that it is actually two toilets kissing :)


So this is how my outfit tunred out and well this is early on in the day, aroundn noon I think. We had to start early and well it ended up being a quit early night to...

CARNEVAL preparation

Ok so I have bin a bit hungover, busy or what ever u wanna call it.

I arrived in germany tuesday night and well just had a quiet evening.

On wednesday it was costume shopping and start out with my plan was to be dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, but well w issues of me not filling out the dress (ie no small sizes left)

And then I looked at the schootish woman outfit, but well bit cold eh?! Still like it,
But I ended up as The Queen of Thieves, and well the rest of that day was to get out accezories organised...

Monday, February 12

Today's Outfit

K so not the most fashinable outfit today, but well its hard w a leg in bandage and shoe limitations.

Today is the first day since the surgery where I'm actually am gonna try to get my foot into a shoe instead of wearing my extremely sexy sock and sandal look :)

I'm wearing

Moto Jeans w flaered legs (hide the unbuckled shoe)
Purple 3/4 top
Just jeans pink singlet
Supré green boob tube (my ultimate winter favorite, keep the tummy region nice and warm and covered up)
necklace, bronse heart and my Bambi charm

Sunday, February 11


Well I do have a Huge love for shoes and this weekend I have spent alot of time on net-a-porter's homepage dreamin about the shoes I want this spring/summer..

and well lets just say that these babie from Jimmy Choo (silver)will put a BIG hole in my wallet
Or the golden Louboutin's or the green ones
I just want the all to have an honorary spot in my shoe wardrobe.....


Well am at the moment looking for ideas for my outfit during Carneval and at the moment it looks like Marilyn Monroe is in the lead, but this karnevalswierts Carneval store is giving me alots of ideas....

So many things to choose between....

Saturday, February 10

Today's outfit

Well today is a relaxing day at a friends place so

wearing my blue moto jeans with straight leg
Balck knitted jumper w pink penguin from Australia
Purple singlet just jeans
green boob tube Supré


YAY I'm going to the Carneval in COLOGNE next week.....

Just booked my flight

a week in germany


can't wait.....

Friday, February 9


Well although i have bin feeling a little better today it hs bin a really unproductive day today.

Did apply for some apparements in the town where my new job is and well read all my favorite blogs and chat with freinds on msn

other than that I did nothing more than dream ...... about new shoes (net-a-porter) and hot men ......

Day 3

Well it has now gone trhee days since i had my foot surgery and well it is starting to feel a little better.

Didn't have take any painkillers today...

until now, suddenly my foot just strted aching and well just wish i could remove it and ide it in a corner unti its is fully healed....

Today's Outfit

Well a really unproductive day
my outfit is the same as wednesday so no pic...

Thursday, February 8


Well I had my second interview at a high school today and guess what

I got the job!!!!!'

Start in a little over amontsh time and have so much todo until then.

Feeling a bit under the weather at the moment and hence my enthusiasm is at the bottom

will give more details shortly when I feel better

Today's outfit

Today I had a second interwiev for work so had to try to dress nice and smart due to foot surgery.
This is what the end piece looked like

Jeans from Topshop

Mexx mens shirt

Tiger long sleved

an amber necklace from Litauen and a long glass beaded necklace

with that I wore my very 'fashionable' Esprit backpack

Wednesday, February 7

Bits and peices

Well here are some bits and pieces from my shopping spree the other day

Axcent watch and sunglasses

ouchbyko-ko-no mobile jewllery -Secret

Top from shopaholic

Hanky Panky underwear

Scooter earings

Today's outfit

Not feeling all hot today due to pain in foot after surgery and hence my clothes choice today consists of

Roxy sweat pants
Mens singlet white
Blue polo
J Linberg cardigan

My new best friends

So this is my life aid at the moment....

Praying that I will only need it for a week or so or atkeast that is what the doc said.

Monday, February 5


Well a couple of years ago I had some issues with a stair while drunk and the result were a foot injury

Tommorw I will finally have the surgery that hopwfully will fix this

and I'm praying that I can wear anytype of hot shoes after that without mindnumbing pain....


So well I did have 2 job interviews and one of the I didn't get :(

But the otherone is looking up, they want me to come and meet the students and rest of teachers to see how I would fit in :D

I have bin dancing around the house since they called, need I say more


Did do some god shopping today though...

A new watch

finally got hold of some more Hanky panky underwear I just love them

my package from shopaholic arrived and the top were just great, although i did realize that some new bras would be in order now

will put up some pictures when i have battery loaded again


K the day didn't start out to well ..
and with my attempt of starting to put on pics here went down the drain as soon as i turned the camera on

bloddy batteries are dead AGAIN!!!!


Friday, February 2

Not my morning

it is not my morning today......


I think that when I left Ausralia I must have left my social life somewhere because i have bin trying to find it for over a year soon...

Hmm Oh well I'll find it shortly I guess..


I promise there will be some pics coming up are still learning everything...

Thursday, February 1

Day soap operas

Its official I have bin sitting at home for tolong now on my ass doing nothing...

I actually follow some of the horrible daytime shows on tv...

Have started to plan my day around them....


hate decisions especially big ones, or rather HUGE ones

Like where do I wannalive when i grow up??

Australia ?