Sunday, May 31


I spent the day in the sun. Forgot sunlotion and had a good book.

Saturday, May 30


This has NEVER happened before!

No wonder I have cocholate cravings through the roof, am obsessed about twilight and only think about one thing and one thing only......

Weather changes

Its amazig one day you are standing infront of your wardrobe and have nothing to wear, the next day you now exactly what to wear .

And then there are days like these when the sun is blaring from clear blue skies and all you want is to wear ALL your nice summer clothes all at ones. So suddenly your overflowing closet gives you a headache because you can't decide between the cute summer dresses, shorts and siglet, skirt and singlet or unc and tights.....

I have bin standing for the last 30 min wearing my panties only trying to decide. Came as far that I realized I want bare shouolders and girly...... But turns out bare shoulders and girly still gives me like 10 different options...

I need a stylist that tells me what to wear and when, just to save me some time when getting dressed!

10) Prep

by: Curtis Sittenfeld

Oh god this pulled me right back to High school and no I didn't attend a fancy boarding school. But she is so like me when I was in that age and it really makes me pissed off. LIstening to someone that thinks nothing of her self, thiks that ou don't deserve to be there and that NO one seas you neither teachers nor class mates.
For some reason I couldn't stop listening and then suddenly it was all about sex and that made me even more frustrated. Imagine driving to and from work each day and the only thing that goes on s a high school girls sexlife! I didn't even have sex in high school sure I had some crushes on guys, but no one ever liked me that way. So well I guess the book might be good, if you haven't lived through parts of it when in high school and its all pulled up to the surface while listening.

Friday, May 29


Aa lot of fmy friends are always chcocked that I rarely have any money and by mid month I'm usually staggering living like a unistudent when it comes to eating and right before payday I'm leaningo ut the cupboards.

The thing is that yhea I have a job that pays a decent amount and my rent isn't that bad for a big 2bedroom place. Yhea I have some other bills that need to shrink: like cellphone, gas and shopping account.

But although compared with other people and their lives these bills are not that bad. What kills me is the repayments on my student loan. Don't take me wrong. I don't regret spending all that money on my degree and am willing to spend the same amount again if it gets me were I want in the end.

But as it is rirght now I'm spening almost as much for rent each month as I am paying of my loan. When I lived in my studio apartment I was paying more on my student loan than. Rent, electricity, internettvphone, insurance each month.
I know I know this is a choice I made & will have to live with for another 22 years until its all paid off. What sucks even more is that the more money I make at work, the more they increase my repayments.

I have bin considering getting an extra job a couple of days a month just for my loan repayment. But have realized that in the end I will just get a higher repayment on the loan for next year.

currently I'm paing 4% of my yearlysalary towards my loan. The day I move back overseas I will have to start repaying 6% of my yearly salary. But honestly, I still think I'll have more money than what I have know....


I have handed in all my assignments for spring semester. Now I just have to sit at home and bite my nails while waiting for the results to come out... Fingers crossed that I have passed them all,

because on monday my summer semester and course in Zooanimal behaviour starts and run until mid august (just in time for fall semester to start).

Noo I swear I don't have a study disorder (I think not atleast)

Thursday, May 28

and know

its a massageball......

thinks its me and not my students that needs to see the shrink!


I'm talking about my essay in terms of getting it from a spiky hedgehog to a smoth tennisball....

Think my brain has had to much sleep and sugar, but not enough coffe...

Withe the nose in the books

and Stephenie Meyers playlist streaming out of the speakers I'm trying to finish my last assignment for the semester. I handed one in yesterday & now I only have to get this porcupine of essay into a smooth ball of flowing words that all makes sense and somehow makes my point of view clear as a crystal ball....

9) The fox

The fox
By: Michael Connoley

what is this crap?! I really really really liked "I lagens limo" so I thtought this one was gonna be as good. Sure I listened to it non-stop and sort of got into it. But was actually ppleased when I finished it and could move on to something else.

Wednesday, May 27

BaByliss icurl

I want one of these and am willing to trade both my curling iron and straigthning iron for one.....

It all looks so easy.

Tuesday, May 26

I feel dirty

I walkedin the store after my yoga class all happy and was planning dinner.

My plan was potato wedges with berneisesauce and then cocholate for dessert.

i was looking as fresh as you do after working out and ran into an old student of mine. For some reason I felt like I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Might have bin due to my raggered sweatty apearance and the plan to have greezy greezy food for dinner.....

This was my corner shop! Students are banned from that area (according to me)

Atlantis Vintage

This is a vintage shop that I visit now and then just to have a look. To be honest I think that alot of the stuff is over the top for me. But occasionally there are items that I just fall madly in love with.

This pendant for once. I just love it and want it!!

Then we have this dress. not sure when I would have the oppotunity to wear anything like that. Not that it fits since its a size 0-2. I might be skinny but there are no way that I'm THAT skinny.

Oh well its just to keep on dreaming and maybe I stumble on something similar in a shop not that far away in the future.

Photo: Atlantis Vintage

Monday, May 25

8) Sprängaren

by: Liza Marklund

Ok ok I admit I have gone a bit overboard listening to Liza Marklunds books about Annika and her journalistics skills and private life.

I think her private life really bugs me more, when not listening to them in the proper order! But Still I have to continue listening and for once I'm actually a step ahead of her, solvig some issues before she is (this might have something to do with me nowing how it ends from other books)...

It was all over to fast though and the next one I have left is her latest one. I just wonder when the school library will be getting that one in as a CDbook. I'm not reading it!

Sunday, May 24


I have chocolate cravings....

And trying to kill it with:

cheddar popcorn
a Mozarella toastie
2 pieces of darkchocolate (the only chocolate I had at home)
2 glasses of red wine

is it working?!



Mmm and a glas of red to end this boring weekend!

Beach 2009

Its getting closer.

I only have 2½ weeks of work then 9 weeks holiday.

And how is my beach 2009 bod going?? The only thing I can say is AWSOME!!

Just got back from an Athletic pass at the gym, it gives just so sore muscles that you start suspecting you might have broken your ribs, but man does it wonders to your poor body or what!!

This week turns out to be a hardcore week. After a long weekend of suffering mentally & eatiing way to much and workinig out way to litle. I'm catching up.

Today it was Athletic
monday Bodyjam
tuesday Yoga, found out its startinng again after running into the yoga coach and she told me we are stsarting out soft and easy. hehe tendons you will suffer and strech
wednesday ridingclass
thhursday Bodyjam
fiday and saturday I think my body need to recover.....


I just closed a door with my fingers in between.

Thank god it was a wobbly screen door, that would have hurt like hell otherways!


I woke up this morning with a sore throat. This is no good. i have 2½ weeks left of work then I'm on holiday for 9 weeks.

I do not have time to start loosing my voice now. With only 2 weeks left of classes we have a bit to do before the summer break.

Saturday, May 23

Just a thought

When cooking and especially when using the owen.


I have bin waiting and waiting for my homemade fries to start change colour. Nothing has happened.

No wonder nothng happens when the only thing I did was turn the lamp on, but forgot to set the degrees and 0C will not cook any fries (sad but true)


Real mahogany. Would have liked it a bit redder and darker. But looks good and a nice change for once




I leave bathroom door open for a minute!

Boreddom may lead to crazy actions...

My afternoon is saved!


I have now read

eclipse - thrice
beaking dawn- five times
midnigt sun- twice

seen twilight- 4 times

obssesed me?!

for some different reasons I'm about to crack and for some other reasons the twilight series is sort of holding me in one piece. I the last two months I have cracked thee times, but since started reading the twilight series I have had a half a crack. So I will let my obsession continue a little while longer. Until my fucked up brain stop my mental breakdowns and well not sure what to say.......

I'm at the bottom of the pit and don't know how to leave it. I know what will make me leave, but right now that possiility is to far away to be realistic.

No surpises here

Even touhg I love wearg skirts and dresses all year around.

I have to be honest ...

I'm a jeans and tischa girl in my heart. But not with a pair of converse or other sneakers. Nope heels heels and more heels.

So why did I really have to be 6"2 inches ?!

These heels with my favorite jeanss and tischa would be something I easily could have worn everyday (except the hitting my head in doorframe issuee).

Time to clean?

My entrance to my humble home

Friday, May 22

Black, brown, red or Blonde

I want to change colour on my hair for a while.

I'm thinking red or blonde....

We'll see what I do next weekend.

What do you think?

Maybe not such a good idea

I had some spicy food for dinner...

Have bin intensely readdig all day (ie bin chewing the inside of my lips)

these two things combined has given me a burning feeling insie the skin of my lower lip.

It hurts!!

power walk?

Rain is holding up, i'm not in the mood for gym, or study.

Maybe a powerwalk will cheer me up.

or should I just stay in couch with my telly and computer?

Lärarinnan i Vilette

Lärarinnan i Vilette
By: Ingrid Hellström

criminal story but I feel its quite dull and takes quite a while before anything exciting happens. Not a book that I would have picked by my self in the bookshop, but it was alright to read and not a drag like revolutiona roads were.

Yes this is a book for the book circle and hence the not a book I would have picked by myself. I am glad that I read it tought. But a bit more suspence could have bin written into the pages. It all felt so predictable in some areas even the killer and all. Why not give us a couple of my twists and turns and gutwrecking scenes while writing?!

I give it a 2½

page count: 4861 + 293 = 5154

Thursday, May 21

Here we go

I cracked,

soner than expected...


My day

Woke up from a nightmare,

Drove to see my friend to study some. She had great news! She is coming back to work in august!! We did study got the title for our reserach paper sort of finalzed and slaughtered a document from work.In between we had pie and coffe with her mom, financee and daughter.

got home read some, watched telly, climbed the walls so decided that a walk was in need. Went for walk ran into friend with family at harbour sat down had a nice chat. A bird decided that my body was a got place to crap on. Ran into another collague, walked home.

wateched twilighgt and had a couple of drinks. Rang a friend that is so good to talk to when you feel down (Ia you know how to listen and stand my jibberish when I'm down). had another drink, started reading again....

Please no nightmares tonight and some energy to atleast hit the gym and pretend that everything is like normal even though its a superlong weekend!

My sleep

Woke up and the only thing I wanted was a guy there to hold me. For the last week I have had atleast one nightmare each night. The scary part is this last week I have slept better than in a long time. That is because I actually fall asleep, but with sleep comes the nightmares about everything and nothing. Some make sense, but others I have no clue.

I have made it to work at all wierd hours. If I was to really decide I would have bin there around 5-6 am. But have stalled the mornings as much as possible.....

Twilight playlist

I found the playlist that Stepheni Meyer had when writing each book. I copied those and did my own from the songs I had on my computer and bought the ones that I fell in love with.

Hmm I have a feeling that this blog is soon a Twilight blog. And they say its the teenage girls that go all crazy!!! ( I guess that proves my maturity).....

Wednesday, May 20

7) Röde Vargen

Röde Vargen
By: Liza Marklund

This book is written in between Prime Time and Nobels testamente ( I think) as you might have figured out I ramdomly grab a CD book out of the bookshelf att work and lsten to it. there have bin a couple that I gave 2 CD's if I'm not pulled in by then I trade and pick up something new.
As with all books by Liza Marklund I'm pulled in and here I think I might even have stopped breathing occasionally. I forgot to asnwer the phone, call back etc etc. Having to wat to get back from Gemany to hear the last Cd was almost torture (Mighgt have bin why I read 3 books on that holiday).

Tuesday, May 19

Office stationary

J I think this is what we need in our office.....

I'm currently counting 10 postits on my desk. How many do you got that clutter you working space with important phonenumbers, dates, informations etc etc??

Monday, May 18


14 working days to go!!

Then I have 9 weeks of holiday !!

But until then I have 2 assignments to write, a new uni course to starts, 2 central courses days (for each course) about 40 lectures and 17 parent-teacher conferences to hold.

6) Prime time

Prime Time
By: Liza Marklund

This book with Annica takes place before Nobels testamenta and Livstid. So here she is struggling with her family life, the harsh mother in law while covering a murder of a famous TV personality. Her bestfriend is one of the suspects and there seems like there aren't evidence in finding out who did it.
The book has me driving and sure I get all dragged in, but can make a phonecall now and then. But as all Liza Marklunds this one also has me in its grips within the firstt few minutes and won't let go.

Sunday, May 17

Twilight the movie

Ohh Edward and Bella you are so good. I already have an urge to see the movie again. Alhough they follow the story the timeline annoys the hell out of me. Some parts of the story have moved places and the dialoge between Bella and Edward is not as good as in the books.

But count on me being at the premier for New Moon and within the coming days owning my own copy of the movie.

I give it a 4. The time line should be correct. Yes I understand that you need to cut and cramm a book into a movie, but keep things in the right order please.....


Lollies i'm so working on a sugar diet here.

Saturday, May 16

I guess

Its time to take care of that pile of dishes on my sink


Not the biggest fan of red wines. But really liked this.

Time machine

The blog has done it again

gone ahead of time here with the posts,

These were posted the other way around. (Have a feeling this will end up in between these two posts)

this suck

I finally pick up the curage for a phonecall ....

and then no one is home!

Friday, May 15

5) I lagens limo

I lagens limo
By: Michael Connelly

WOW I'm on and this is happening, a bit slow start with introductions of some characters and their lives and what is happening. But I swear this book was almost dangerous listening to during some passages. Think I could have run a red light, missed a cuurve. I did miss to pick up my colleague going to work not just once, but twice I had to turn around to go and get hm (woops).
I was gladly driving to the stable, home for christmas and to the airport....
This is how I like my driving books, put me in another place let me live in it, but not to mant wierd characters with similar names, can't do that.