Wednesday, August 31


I have to wait a little longer for some answers.

But I think I sort of now what they are.

Sunday, August 28

Öland all over

Same same, but different.

It is to take one day at a time, one obstacle at a time.

I have long way back though

Friday, August 26

24 hrs

In less than 24 hrs I will be stepping of a plane on european ground.

There are many questions that now circulates in my head that I will finally get an answer for. Nervous?

HEll yhea!!

Saturday, August 20


How much Jewellery ois healthy for one person to buy in a 4 month period?

two days left

I have longed for this week, Being able to say that on XX day I am leaving.
That day is on top of me now and do you know what. I don't really wanna leave...

Yes I want to go home to see all my friends etc, but then what?

What happens now?
How long will it take for my next adventure and step in my life,
will I go back to the safety or have I fully released the safety line??

SOS Mata Atlântica (Xixi no Banho)

I have some issues with my new flat mate from Brazil. She doesn't flush when she goes to the toilet. I guess this sort of explains why.

Honey in Mexico you buy the drinking water, but don't swim in the lake.......

Friday, August 19

D & M

You seem to have forgotten something....

How will you guys make this up for me?

Tuesday, August 16

Travel guides always carry them with you - They may end up in peoples photos

P.S I would like to add that both travelguides where frequently used and are in French so its clearly not mine D.S

10 days

That is all I have left in Mexico if nothing unexpectedly happens that is....


The decision has been made...

Wedenesday Veracruz..

Thursday Xalapa

Friday back to Catemac to finish it all of

Monday, August 15

Hmm what a problem!

Will I celebrate my birthday in Xalapa or Veracruz??

Its only 90 min between to cities, for me 5hrs or 3 hrs.
Amazing friends in both cities...
A party that will take a long time until forgotten guaranteed in both cites....

Why do I have to choose?

Sunday, August 14


Sunday... Is it sunday today?

I was sort of sure it was tuesday or wednesday. But sunday. That means a new week tomorrow. And what will happend during that week?

Oh that is right work 7 days non-stop.

Hang on its my last 7 dayweek ever here. Think we need to celebrate this!

On Baso Wino de Blanco porfavor....

Chili/ Lime Mango

This must be the best snack ever and 10 pesos for a bag.
One word of advise though- DO NOT eat this on a bus, or wear raincoat. That is if your bag decides to break...

Welcome to Paradise

Saturday, August 13

Saturday, August 6

20 days to go

In 20 days I leave Mexico.

I just cannot wait to:
  • see my family, boy (I hope), friends
  • be able to talk on the phone (yes I am addicted I can easily admit that)
  • Have a hot shower that lasts longer than 45 sec
  • drink water from the tap
  • Buy a new phone (iphone here I come)
  • Drive my car
  • etc

Thursday, August 4

Vegetarian pizza- Medium or Well done

When ordering a pizza that last question you expect to be asked is if you want it medium or well done.

This is a medium pizza. Probably should have asked for a medium-well done....

Wednesday, August 3

6 pair of shoes

I have been in Mexico 13 weeks. During these weeks I have managed to:'

  • buy 6 pair of shoes,
  • break 4 pair of shoes
  • Still looking for a nice pair to bring home to Sweden

Shoe addict me?!


Woke up this morning started the computer and had internet connection. In my flat!!

Also checked my email after a lot of fussing around the apartment to build up the courage AND there is NO reply from my supervisor about me going away for 10-12 days.


How nervous should you reasonable be when sending you supervisor an email about going on a 12 day holiday?

Tuesday, August 2

A glass of tuesday wine?

If ones is a coincidence
twice a happenance
Thrice a habit

Well then I just must have a glass today since its apperently a habit now. But Emily where are you this tuesday?


I am going to Cancun, I don't even think you can imagine how happy and excited I am.
Don't really care that I have to travel for almost 20 hrs, ride 3 different buses etc.

I am spending the weekend in Cancun that is all that is going through my head right now!!!