Tuesday, June 30

Desert safari

The feeling that we are going to die is present.

Dubai mall

Sunday, June 28

Burk al arab

Just had a private showing around

My dream shoes

My friend has some awsome killer heels. Me want.

Saturday, June 27


If you are going on a long flight where its a bad option to sleep. Bring a colouring book and crayons or even better a kid activity book. Its a nobrainer to solve and you will be both entertained and stay awake. A book is to easy to fall asleep with if you are sleepy enough.


Just tried a berry chocolate frappocino

Pretty sunrise

At four thirty am

Friday, June 26


My car need to go to the mechanic again

Pedicure in the sun


From pink bag to blue suitcase. Weight now 15Kg.

study study study

sun is shining outside
I'm, stuck inside finishing off my essay,

but all I can thin off is my trip to Dubai! Can't really get it into my head that I'm actually flying to Dubai tommorrow already. Its going to be so fun to see A again. Haven't seen her since I was in Australia 2006.

I do wish that this was just a stop over and that I was heading over to Australia from there, but no I have to go back home to study some more. But the more we do know in the summer when both are on holiday. Less time need to be spend on it this fall when we have a shitload of work and other commitments to deal with. And yhea my friend I'm writing the paper with have a one yearold daughter (she will have her hands full)


Am trying to figure out what currency they are using in Dubai AND more importantly the exchange rate to Swedish Kronor...

turns out it goes at the moment 100 kr to ~42 AED (dirham)

Thursday, June 25

Love this site!


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Hot builder on balcony .....

what to do !

Wednesday, June 24

Overview packing.


Bills, bills, bills

that time of the month again.

Bills are as predictable as your period. They arrive once a month & have not managed to decide which one is the biggest pain to deal with!


Got my grades from uni for this semester. And all bitching and hardwork did payoff.

I got:
  • Three C (Credits)
  • Two D (Distinctions)

Overall D

So I'm happy

last semseter I got:

  • Three C's
  • One D

Overall C

I have know done 2/3 of my education degree!

Tuesday, June 23

Summer, Sun and Study

Its wonderful on the balcony and the holiday feeling has started to set in.

But I'm sitting indoors staring at the computer screen trying to write a paper about envinonmental enrichment for captive bears. It is one of the more fun and easiest papers I have ever had to do. But am struggeling with focusing on the topic.

Oh well I'll just sit on balcone alittle and have some icecream while brain is working....


While friend is on hot date i have to settle with pizza

Saturday, June 20

Why didn't I figure that out earlier?

The hot body jaminstructor is Gay. Shouold have figured that out a while ago. Hot body, dances like a dream (we are talking fullbody control) and always happy smiley bouncing around with a ton of hot girls surounding him.....

Oh well no need to stop training becausee of that.

Wednesday, June 17


Found this picture in a folder and this is the kind of dress that I want to wear this fall to all the amazing parties I'll attend.

But first we have summer and I have the wardrobe ready, its just the weather that need to change for better so I can wear all the amazing stuff I have hiding here....


OK so no travels to Australia this summer and am so sad over that. But at the moment that sadness is unfortunately completely washed away.

I'm going to Dubai for a week to see one of my best friends from Australia & some of her friends that I know are coing to.

Dubai has (are) on my top ten list of places I want to go and see. I am a little nervous though, but am sure I'll have fun. Just need to keep a TIGHT control of my wallet since its quite expensive there.

Thank god my Australia savings are on an account I can't reach when out traveling....

Tuesday, June 16


I bought this painting a couple years ago at a second hand place. It needed a new frame then and still need one.

i ALWAYS forget to check the size for it when I go to a shop that has frames....

Massage boy here please

I think I worked out a bit to hard this weekend. Yesterday my muscles were ok until I took a Bodyjam class.

Afterwards I could barely make it into bed and get out we are not even going to talk about.

Monday, June 15


Atlantis vintage have some cute stuff.

This top I wish was a dress

this is also nice with the right belt in waist.

photo: Atlantis vintage

Sunday, June 14

Crap car

Just got a €2000 bill on it.

Bye bye australian airplane ticket. Hello new frontweels feathering, bults, stuff and shit. & and hello new back breaks I do like you....

Please can you just hold your shit together now for another year or so.

Attack by the...

Longest list in the world

1. How old are you in five years? 34
2. Who was the last one you saw? A
3. How tall are you? 185
4. What was the last movie you saw? Twilight, at the movies Aangels and Demons
5. who did you last call? Maria
6. What did your last sms say and to whom? Ia: he wants you as a pillow when you are asleep and think nreakfasst time at five am is a spendid idea. I think sleep is a better option."
7. Vad är dagens planer? Shoppa bla tyg (var dagens plan)
8. Do you prefer calliing or sms? SMS
9. Are your parents maried or divorced? Married
10. When did your last see your mom? Hmm.. when they stopped by a couple of weeks ago to pick up my cats
11. What is your eye colour? blue
12. When did you wake up today? At 5 am by a dog, 7 am by an alarm clock and 9:30 by the sun
13. Have you ever found a cat? Ehm lots of times
14. Where is your favorite spot? On a boat in the tropics getting ready to dive/ or on the beach in the tropics
15. Where is your least favorite spot? hmm...waiting in line
16. Where do you think you are in 10 years? Hopefully Australia
17. What scared you as a kid? Nightmares about dying
18. Who was the lasst one to make you laugh? Cecila
19. Are you to young to own iyl recordss? Nope
20. Do you have a stationar or laptop computer?
21. Do you sleep naked or with clothes on? That depends on the outdoor temperature
22. How many pillows do you have in your bed? three
23. How many "states" have you bin living in? three
24. Have you ever thrown up when drunk? Since I never get drunk. No, but the off times that Has happened to happen: yes
25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or barefeet? barefeet
26. Are you social? I guess
27. what is your favorite icecream? Do I have to choose?
28. What would you do if you won a million? Payoff my loans and travel (if there was anyleft)
29. Do you like chinesefood? Yes
30. Do you like coffe? Like and like wth enough milk its my drug
31. What do you drink with you breakfast? That depends. coffe, red tea or fruit smoothie
32. Do you sleep on any partcular side? Sleeping on oe side is over rated why not sleep on all in one night to ake surer I don't wear a paricular side out?
33. can you play poker? No
34. Do you like to cuddle? Am I human?
35. Are you an addictive person? yes
36. Do you know anybody that has the same birthday as you? To many its getting crowded at least four or five
37. Do you want kids when you grow up? NO
38. Can you speak any other laguages than english? yes
39. Have you ever ridden in an amblance? In the front yes, in the back no
40. Do you prefer the ocean or a pool? OCEAN!
41. What do you prefer to sped your money on? me and my friends! not loans and bills
42. Do you own any expensive jewlleey? Yes
43. Have you ever tried drugs? yes
44. What was the last thing you put into your mouth? Potato chips
45. Who is the funniest person that you know?
To many
46. Pick a scar on you body? Pick ONE?! hmm... left knee:tripped on school yard
47. What is your ringsignal? I have no clue its 99.9% on silent so I guess vibrating
48. Do you have any items of clothing left from your childhood? Not me, but mom got a couple
49. Do you flirt alot? Depends who you compare with, but guess no
50. Where was you profile picture for your blog taken? In my hallway in my old flat
51. Do you know how to change oilon you car? No
52. Have you ever gotten a speedinig ticket? Not that I know of
53. What was the last book you read? A special topic in Calamity physics
54. Do you read news papers? depends how bored I am
55. Do you get any weekly magaznes in the mail? No
56. Do you dance in the car? No
57. What radio station did you last listen on? mix megapol
58. what was the last thig you wrote down on a piece of paper? Öregrund v 32, Båtvecka
59. When was the last time you were in the church? Pantenon in Rome, beginning of may
60. Who do you challenge? Holly hock, Ina, Anna & who else that feels like doing it

Breakfast time

Wouldn't say no to a plate like this.

But a cup of coffe and a banan-fruit smoothie will have to do....

Australia vs Africa

I have a problem.

Do I want to take a course at uni i january and travel to Africa for 3 weeks to study conservation biology?

if so I need to win on the lottery to be able to afford both Australia travels and this.......

Some times life sucks and I wish i was a millionare that never need to wory about cash flow


Saturday, June 13

I need...

... A hug

... a good drink

... a hot guy

...a kiss

... to dance my ass off

Clearly in one word: I need my PARTY TWIN.

with her around all other issues will be solved. Because were we are there are always hot guys, good drinks, hugs and kisses, lots of dancing etc.

Study contract

I'm supposed to write a study contract for our studygroup that I'm studying with this summer. I just can't find the energy to pull out the paper and type up what we agreed on last weekend.

plus we are almost done with the things we are doing together as a group anyhow....


Can a dog suffer from compulsive cleaning disorder?

Any junk on the floor have now bin picked up and handed to me, especially stuff that belong to paper recycling


Its only 4 pm & I can barely keep my eyes open.

Holiday shopping

Me and a friend were going to the library yesterday. Frst we just had to stop by some stores and have alook around.

I found:

A cute skirt (on sale)

A jump suit (finally one that fits)

A new pair of party shoes (on sale)

Bracelets (on sale)

oh no

Here I go and find these really nteresting books about zoo animals and enrichcment. And they are not in production anymore

Ebay or Aamazon here I come and look for used copies....

Looking for this book:

Second nature: Enviromental enrichmet for ccaptive animals