Saturday, May 22

Friday, May 21

January 5, 2006

The day I turned into my old me.

Since then I have only had fun for a couple of weeks/ days.

most of the time I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate what I have turned back into!!

The loooser that needs to fight to party, that has to be grown up and mature, can never let go, never be herslef and can count on one hand the amount of guys that have shown any real interest in me.

I honestlt don't know for how much longer I can deal with this. I'm breaking down more and more for every day that goes. I try to keep my face out front, but have realized that I never meet anyones eyes anymore, I gain weight because I never really get to do what I like. I live a fake life that I don't know how to get out of.

For the last year I have lived a nightmare where I try to keep the spirit up for my friends around me, but for how much longer??

So much have happened since november emotionally and I can't tell who ever I like, I can't do what ever I like. WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!

Dr Pepper + Blueberry lindt chocolate

Start, stripes, spots and checks

Check out my new pair of socks (actually thought it was four pairs I bought)

Wednesday, May 19


I have started to take care of my balcony and trying to get it look a little nice.
Flower in one pot, the other still emptySome of the herbs have moved out,
A new balcony table. More will come as it moves ahead. I still have a pile of rubbish out there hiding from the rennovations earlier this year.

Tuesday, May 18

No sailing job

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I didn't get the job on the ship.

Spring is in the air

two weeks ago I took this photo of a cherrytree outside my flat,
This weekend it looked like this

Monday, May 17


My beautiful darling that I took care of this weekend.

He seem to think that he his a small/medium dog though

Herb garden- week 5

Week 5 and I decided to expand it with abucket of ruccolalettuce

Basil, Chives, Parcley- only parcley still growing, not sure what happened with the other ones.
Mynth- growing like crazy

Thyme and Rosemary- growing like crazy
Mixed, ruccola- Basil looking good, ruccola just planted

Sunday, May 16


I want one of these hangers so that I can organise my closet and actually get a a good overview. + I have somewhere to hang my clothes that aren't clean nor dirty (the in between clothes, used but not ready for laundry just yet)
photo: walkoutcloset

Wednesday, May 12

Presidentens hustru

Presidentens Hustru
by: Curtis Sittenfeld

Does it ever end? How many pages do I have left? When is the next chapter? These are the questions that have bin haunting me throughout the book. I really liked the story, but come on this book could have bin 200 pages shorter and still bin a great story. There were just way to much nonsense in between. Its a shame because the story is great since its about the life of the first lady and how you can love and live with the most powerful man in the world.

This book was for the book circle and hence in a normal case I would never have picked it up to read. I only give it a two.

page count: 3 030 + 570 = 3 600

Monday, May 10

Herb garden- week 4

We are into week 4 now and unfortunately it looks like some of my herbs are not doing as well as others are:

Basilic, Chives and parcley (it speaks for itself)

Mynth- slowly
Thyme_ growing strong

Rosemary- growing strong

mixed- not sure what is happening

Sunday, May 9

Brain Dominance

Facebook just told me the truth

Friday, May 7


I have some new addictions in my kitchen

1) OLW- sweet chilli/ Sour cream
they are not helping my beach 2010 body

2) Schweppes PearLime
This is THE best mixer softdrink I have ever tried

Thursday, May 6

Vampire Diaries- The Reunion

Vampire Diares- The Reunion
L.J. Smith

If I thought book three was written in a rush book four is more thurrow and in depth. Due to the deaths in book two and three this entire book is read with a heartache that won't let go. Stefan and Damon behave like most brothers, there is love, hate and fighting. But they don't have the best communication in the world (I guess thats why its called brotherly love). Bonnie play a major part here and I'm not sure of her, in the other books she felt stronger, but I guess playing a minor part and then almost being the main focus does that to a caracter that you first build up yourself and then someone else build it up for you.

I could not stop reading and when the book finished I went online and ordered book five straight away. Now I Just need to wait for the mail.

I give it a four

page count: 2814 + 216 = 3030


During the graduation ceremony on friday three of my students actually gave me roses. It warmed my heart in many ways at that time.

Tuesday, May 4

Vampire Diaries- The Fury

Vampire Diaries- The Fury
L.J. Smith

Books three of the Vampire Diaries series and here we still meet Elena, Stefan, Damon and all the other caracters that we were introduced to in book one and two. I am willing to say that I'm a bit disappointed on this book. In the first two books so much happened and it was the lovely love story between human and Vampires that got me attatched to the books. Here I'm not sure what is happening. Not much I dare say. It feels like it was 1) written in a rush; 2) the main part of the story got lost; 3) there is no depth in it, mainly words on paper.

I have issues when two books in a row in the same series someone dies in the end and there is heartache and sorrow when you stop reading. Yes I understand that the suspence for the fourth book need to be held, but its not just death that pull you along.

I give this a three

Page count: 2622 + 192 = 2814

Graduation gift

At the gala on tuesday night our students gave me a gift for taking care of them the previous three years:

It included:

a pretty flower (that need some water)
a steel bucket (will grow ruccola in it on the balcony)
a candy bowl (it was full of candy, but they seem to have disapeared)
a money piggie
A boook
two pineapple scented candles

Monday, May 3

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
By: Jane Austen

Its a classis every girl should read it and love it. That I what I have heard my whole life (ok ok since I became a teenager) unfortunately I had a swedish teacher that kind of put me off the classicals. We had to love what she loved and read what she said, never what we wanted. As you might have noticed from my book reviews I am a Fantasy geek and I do like Vampires, trolls, elfs, dragons magic and all that. So for years I have told my self I will not like the classical love stories and why then read them?

Now a little more mature I figured that maybe I should read them. Most of all since they are on all top 100 lists of books to read before you die. There might be an advantage to have read them (you actually now what people are talking baout and can form a thurrow opinion of them from your own facts instead of belives).

I told my self one classical every third book I read (managed to break that before I even started). But I actually like this book, yes you know what is going to happen and there is no real drama (in my opinion). But their dialoges and all the descriptions of the scenes and caracters I love. I can understand why there has bin so many movies and TV-shows based on this book. Its almost like a manuscript.

I give it a three, it is as I said a little to obvious.

page count: 2270 + 352 = 2622

Herb garden- week 3

Herb Garden week 3

Its growing here:
Parcely, chives and basilic- full throttle here, but the basilic is looking a little sad
Thyme: still only half pot growing, but they are looking good
Mynt: slowing and steadily growing
Rosemary: We have growth, 6 small saplings have started growing
Basilic: Growing here, better than the otter pot is doing

Sunday, May 2


The light last night was just awsome
View from my balcony. Spring has arrived!

Saturday, May 1

Graduation dinner

My outfit

Dress: Vintage
Suit jacket: Tiger
Shoes: bronx
Tiara: kids shop

10 reasons to go to Australia in september

  1. I need to buy a new car
  2. My TV is showing signs of old age (its from 1991)
  3. I'm sick of my job and need a change Immediately
  4. I'm turning 30 in august
  5. Need the long summer season, can't stand that there is still snow around and its may
  6. Only one cat left
  7. All my winterboots are leaking
  8. Have not been scubadiving since 2005
  9. Wonder how my skin looks like when it has a tan
  10. Face your fears