Friday, April 30


2007-10-04 - 2010-04-30

Rest in peace!

You came into my life 13 december 2007 and have since brought me joy and laugther, comfort when I was sad and amazement from all your creative misciefs that you did.

In februari you were not well and I brought you to the veterinarian to get checked, but you came home all clear and more energetic and lovly as ever. Yesterday you started getting worse and today my dad had to take you to the veterinarian again. There we found out that your kidneys had collapsed and were not functioning at all so the decision was made to put you to sleep since the other option were not an option that would give you the life that you deserve.

You walked into my heart and put a mark there, but its nothing compared with what marks you put on my dad.

We will remeber you forever!

Tuesday, April 27

Uncensored- nightdesk

In the beginning of April while I were studying in Linköping holly hock posetd a challenge on her blog. The challenge were to take a picture of your bookstack on your nightdesk as it is. At that point I were unable to give her a fair shot since I was staying at a hotel so my nightdesk consisted of laptop, phone, book and pens.

Now when I'm at home I decided to take on the challenge:

Yes there is a fair amount of dust on those books and no they do not fit ontop of the nightdesk (just push them down in my sleep).

What I have on my desk is clutter (earrings, hairpins, -clips, -ties, alarmclock, notebooks, my independence calendar, In a sunburned country (Bill Bryson), aloe vera, glossy magazines and glasses. My pile next to bed contains books that I have not started reading yet:
  • Så dumt
  • vampire diaries 3 & 4
  • Book 11 wheel of time
  • Origin of species
  • Mary and Elisabeth
  • Love letters from great men
  • Dr Tatianas sex advice to all living creatures
Missing from this shot is Pride and Prejudice that I'm currently reading and lugging around with me in the apartment.

Monday, April 26

Herb garden- week 2

We are now into week 2 of my herb growing experience and its looking quite good. Think my rosemary is gone though.

Basilik, chives and parcely is growing great:
Mynth is slowling coming:
Thyme is growing, but only in half pot:Rosemary, well apperently the soil was to wet in the fridge so fungus started growing, but not given up just yet (I'll give it a week):
Mixed bowl (basilik, chives etc) turned out there were more than one hreb is this pot:

Sunday, April 25

Gala outfit

I'm deciding between these two skirts. Just need to find a suitable top in the closet since no shops seems to have suitable tops in the stores right now (its all dresses and loos summer t-shirts out there).
I'm also thinking of this dress (the blue one on the hanger), it needs to be altered though and don't think there is enough time for that until tuesday.

Tip of the day

When you get a cold where youre nose decides to run like a waterfall make sure that you have enough toiletpaper, tissues etc home when it starts.

Its a pain in the neck to have to wait until store open up in the morning to go and get more when you don't want to leave your comfortzone.

Saturday, April 24


50% of the main tv-channels are showing some sort of sport right now

this is NOT cool in my world!!

Long dress

In march I preordered a dress from H&m that I figured would be a cute 3/4 length dress to wear in the summer.

This week it arrived and well the 3/4 lenght turned out to be full length on me. Its a little wide, but going to take it in instead of changing to a smaller size, because at 185 cm tall not that many dresses for €10 are ever this long on me.

Now I'm just wondering how many of these that will be on sale by summer.... maybe i'll get the purple to then

Friday, April 23


Scotland I miss you!
It has bin two years since and now I'm feeling that if I can't get my Australian fix this summer I can settle for my european Australia (scotland in my mind).

Graduation gala

On tuesday night we have a gala dinner for our graduating students. Normally the dresscode is just dressed up (no blue jeans), but this year some one decided that we are having a gala theme!
I have NO CLUE what to wear, can't aford buying anew dress and don't want to either. One dress that I have I looked like I was pregnant, the other two skirts I need to find a suitable top for. So at least I seem to have my lower half of body covered up....

Going with a friend tommorrow chasing for a suitable top that I could wear with one of my skirts, keep your fingers crossed

Wednesday, April 21

Not good

Have had a headache all day today and by the afternoon I was freezing and not feeling on top. When I got home this afternoon my throat was feeling sore and now its getting worse by the hour.
I do not have time to be sick, my students are graduating next week and we have a whole week of fun plans before that.

Sonia Rykiel by H&M

A while ago I told you guys that I did some shopping from Sonia Rykiels collection for H&M. For some reason I have not come around to show you what I got.
This is what I got:


tights (these are great when I just wear a plain black dress when I go out)

Tuesday, April 20


When I went home for easter mom had gotten a pamplet in the mail about a store that was closing down. After we had gone shopping for runners for me we decided to head over since it was on our way home.

Stores like this with clearance of brands can either be a complete miss with just garabage or a hit like this one.
This is what I found:
capri pants (Belt vintage)

knitted jumper (not black, grey or blue)



Mom got some stuff to and then we decided that dad needed some new shirts to. And yhea think mom went back last week to get some more stuff (hopefully two tops that I didn't get, but am now killingmy self that I didn't)

Monday, April 19


My new addiction:

Oh yhea

I just my grade for the course that I took at Linköpings University.

A Distinction!!

Herb garden- week 1

Week 1.

Surprisingly there are already some action in my herb pots:

Basilik,parcely and chives

Basilik- look closely

thyme- here some

mynt- if you look closely, no closer than that

Rosemary- well this has to be in the fridge another week so no action here yet.

Sunday, April 18


playing with photos trying to learn a new program

Herb garden- week 0

I have decided to grow my own herbs this season.

I planted: Parcely, chives, Basilika (is that right?), thyme, mynt and rosemary....

Lets see how long they survive

Thursday, April 15

The brightest star in the sky

The brightest star in the sky
Marian Keyes

This is Marian Keyes latest book and as usual it is chick lit when it is the best. But This is not one of my favorites of my books, actually it falls at the bottom. Its about love, break ups, attraction, falling in love with some one when you have someone else, destiny, money & several different stories that merge together into one.

The start of the book is slow with the introduction of ALL caracters (there are a couple) and then nothing really happens until the last 200-100 pages. Even though when I came to the end I couldn't stop reading and staied awake until 2 hrs before I had to get out of bed.

I give it a 3.

page count: 1626 + 614 = 2270

Wednesday, April 14

toiletbag chase

In the chase for schampo......


Another perfect score. And this time it felt like crap. Like I wasn't organised and scattered when I held the speach, but I guess the score speaks for itself....

Utan ett ord

Utan ett ord
Linwood Barclay

This is the second book in the book circle that we have read that I actually really enjoyed. Even though it took me forever to finish it. IN the end I had to force my self to sit down and read it.

Cynthia wakes up one morning after she had a horrible fight with her family to discover that they all are gone. 25 years later she accept to be in a tv-shows that tries to solve unsolved mysteries. AT first the are no solution to the problem, but slow and steadily her husband starts to solve the riddle.

Unfortunately it goes quiet fast to solve the riddle, but even though there are some interesting twists in it.

I give it a 3

Page count: 1266 + 360 = 1626

Tuesday, April 13

Spring shopping

A couple of weekends ago I went for lunch as usual with a friend. While we were having lunch I was complaining over the lack of nice stuff in the stores where we live.

Oh boy did I eat that one up:on saturday I got:
2 pair of shorts
one elbow cover for my damaged elbow
On the sunday I got:

top from H&m I've bin craving for a while

tunic on sale

And some letter, but no love, hope or peace here. We went for A & Q

You just made my day.....


Monday, April 12

Easter gift

My parents gave me a new pair of running shoes in my easter egg....
Now I Just need to find the time to try them out and get running. Until then they get to stand there bright and shiny

Sunday, April 11

Spring is in the air

I love the first signs of spring. When the first green bits and flowers break through the dead frozen ground:

Saturday, April 10


On our third trial I managed to get the perfect 10 in score.

Fingers crossed that I managed that on the written presentation to.

Wednesday, April 7


As you might have noticed I have bin quite quiet about Australia lately.

No I have not given up hope (not yet), but I have to be realistic and as long as my studentloan repayment looks like this (yearly in SEK) there is little chance that I can save up what I need in my current position.
Yes I could:
  • stop shopping,
  • studying at uni
  • working out at the gym
  • could move to the town where I work
  • stop being social
  • get rid of my cats

There are many thigns that I could do, but the thing is it would take me at least 365 days to get what I need to be able to dare to make that move.


  1. No matter what my studentloand need to be paid every year, that means I have to have at least a year worth saved up for that
  2. When I find a job and actually managed to settle overseas my yearly amount that need to be repaid will increase by 2% in total 6% of my total income (I now pay 4% before tax)
  3. I'm scared to be standing there not being able to afford food or rent

so yhea what is holding me back is the fright of my student loan will kill me by its load!

its a catch 22: I'm depressed that I'm still stuck in this bloody country, but donät know how to be able to afford the move