Saturday, March 31

Watching salad grow

I planted my herbal garden on Tuesday night.

My ruccola is already well on its way

Super bargain

All this week I have been talking with my friends about what exercise shoes I should get: runners or reebok easytone?

I finally decided on a pair of easytone since I walk more than run.
Headed to Skövde today enter intersport and all last years colors are on 50% sale.

Imagine my luck when my runners are standing there in my size.

Hence I got two pairs for the price if one.

Saturday, March 24

In heaven

Sitting in shorts and singlet on the balcony

Wednesday, March 14

Fire fire in the house

Not My day. My laptop charger just caught fire...

And I have an oral on Friday.

Sunday, March 11

Little birdie

Are you not in the wrong place sitting in a cafe?

Saturday, March 10


My new addiction:

Fruit salad
Kesella raspberry

Mix eat enjoy

Thursday, March 8

Wednesday, March 7

Oh God

I have just emailed an almost complete first draft to my supervisor.

Thank god I have a full day at work befoI can reead his comments

Monday, March 5

Facebook chat conversation

How serious can you actually be in a consersation when your friend asks you why they see themselves as a Gorilla??


I sure can't. And the poor thing needs to explain this in a work interview.

Sunday, March 4

Moving On

To statistics

Saturday, March 3

Me and ateles geoffryi

We are spending Saturday together sifting through how their thresholds with predator odors are holding up against previous research.