Thursday, June 30

Monday, June 27

One?! glass of chocomilk

I ordered one glass of chocomilk the other night with dinner...

I guess my glass was not big enough since they had to give me two glasses for the price of one. This is something that this place always does. You order one glass and they give you 1½.


Why is it when I want to write you and email or text I sit for hours and stare until I manage to get lite 5 lines together.

Sunday, June 26

A picture says more than thousand words

So what does this picture say then .....

Thursday, June 23

Good days and bad days

So I was planning to go to Veracruz today to do some diving. Woke up this morning and only saw problems and no solutions.

So I decided to stay at home and continue my sampling.

Also I am not sure if I would leave here now, when/if I would come back...

3 months

It has now been over 3 months since I went through the worst day of my life!

I have not fully dealth with the chock since that day, have had some smaller depressions, but I know that when my life sort of settles down/ slows down it will come.
I just hope that when that day arrives I have some good friends to pick up the pieces of me.

Monday, June 20

My safety blanket

Since december 2006 this have been my safe place. The place where I write what I want. I know its open to the public and that all my friends that now about it can come in here and read...

But I have never mentioned people by name and never will, but now I am thinking. Is it time to move on to a new place? Leave this one behind?

Its not my safe place anymore. That someone has made sure of, I feel like I can't write what I want here anymore and then its not worth it.

But to leave so many good things behind. Password protect it yes I could, but then I might as well stop.

Or just do as I have done before leave it to rest and take it up again when I feel that I have my privacy back?

So many things I have wanted to write the last couple of weeks, but I have been held back.
And yes I do remove unwanted comments!

I am trying

Acouple of years ago a friend told me after some drastic weight loss that I need to:

"Buy a new wardrobe or gain some weight!"

M I will tell you that I am trying on both, but my new wardrobe seem to have increased in sinze since I bought it 3 weeks ago. Yes I have lost my boobs and all tops are echoing empty on the top.

Sunday, June 19

Xalapa Shopping

When entering civilisation my poor credit card need to watch out. Give me 2 hrs in a shoppingmall by closing time and you can bet that I will do a good damage.

My key argument is that I actually do need everything that I bought, since my closet seem to shrink in a higher speed than it grows at the moment. And when you only bring tops for 7 days its quite hard to loose 2 withing the first month.

Singlet from forever 21

Bra to wear under al my thin clothes that I have here.

Prettty singlet for when I want to look pretty (does not happend often here).

T-shirt- yes  this is in honour of my dads heart. I fell as soon as I saw it.


Oh yhea maybe computer stickers are not necessary, but my new baby will need some TLC when it arrives...

Saturday, June 18

A glimpse of hope

This week have not been good mentally. I don`t kow why, but after getting back from Xalapa everything have just felt not right.

The monkeysv are behaving like angels and the reserach is going good, but there is something that bothers me. I just can not seem to be able to put the finger on what it is,

It may be due to the phone being silent, but that I should be used to know, it might be that lately the phone has made me smile quite often and this week when I need it didn`t.

Have been wanting to go to the beach for ever and turn out some friends went without telling me. Instead it now looks like I am going camping in the rainforest.

I have also booked a camping trip in July with some people outside my house AND contacted a diveshop in Veracruz. Will go there next week and book somedays so that I can go out on the water.

So overall the week has been good, why I am then not feeling happy?

Friday, June 17

Time for Pinacolada yet?

La casa de Los Tersos shopping

I know that this is the place during my stay here in Catemaco that I will do most shopping. Not to mention deplete their Iced tea storage ( I hope you are stocking up on Berry blues).

So yes I have done more shopping there since my first week in Catemaco.

What I bought was a beautiful tunic with tigers on.

A purple dress that is perfect for the weather here.

A brightly coloured bracelet that I wear most days, the turqoise one I got when I visited Nanciyaga with my supervisor the other week.

Are you calling me fat? Big bones!

Thursday, June 16

Wednesday, June 15

Wednesday, June 8

Capture and health checkup


Due to everything that has happened this spring it feels like my emotions are on a never ending rollercoaster. In one day I go from happy to tired, to anxious to happy to restless to god knows what.

A main struggle that I have here in Mexico is that it is really hard for me to exercise. I'm used to clear my head through exercise, but the only way I can do that here is running. And the  running options are scarse (I have found one that may be suitable).

Another thing is that I just can't pick up the phone and talk to some when feeling the urge. M I miss our daily phone calls even though my phone is quite happy to rest a little...

Tuesday, June 7

Dominic Balli - American Dream (Official Music Video) (HD) [feat. Sonny ...

I just have to share this music video with you.
Its a friends brothers band & I just fell in love with it when I heard it the first time

Temperatures dropping

You can tell it has been alot cooler here for the last couple of days:
  1. I have ordered a HOT cappucino two days in a row
  2. I sleep with my sleeping bag ontop of me and don't wake up thinking I am being boiled alive
  3. Its a dilemma each night to decide if I want the fan on or off and in what direction I want the air in that case to blow
  4. I have used a cardigan at night
  5. I regretted not wearing a longsleeved jumper when going to the monkeys at 6:30 am
  6. I am starting to suspect I didn't bring enough long pants

Sunday, June 5

Gone with the wind

My dearly belowed Puma sportcap is gone.

I bought it in 2008 when I was going to Scotland to go hiking.

It survived:
  •   the heavy rain of scotland
  • The glaring sun on the golfcourse
  • Minor hikes around Sweden
  • A spider monkey attack
It did not survive:
  • The wind down at the Malecom when sitting on the back of the car

Saturday, June 4

Small town luxury

Today I decided to try a local beautyshop. I got a manicure and am so pleased that someone finally took care of my nails.
They have a though life here without my weekly at home manicures. I didn't bring all my stuff and don't really feel like buying all the stuff that I need when I can get a decent one here for 100 pesos.

Next time I think I will also get a pedicure to treat my feet some, at the moment my feet are in such a bad shape that I don't want anyone to touch them ...

Google translate

I just want to dedicate a post to google translate.

You are saving our life right now when L is away doing uni work.

Yes my Spanish is not as good as I would wish it to be and E & M's english is a little better, but we do get stuck now and then. I know it gives you the wrong words now and then and the grammar we are not supposde to talk about. But with this litte tool our language barrier is diminished.

Its not all about remembering what we trained and the damn pronounciation!

NOt sure why I like my "S" so much when trying to communicate in spanish. I seem to have some tix on if unsecure f the word just add an random "s" to it

Friday, June 3

Mexican quality

I was just attackeight leg by a toiletseat while on the bathroom.
Thank god I am not planning to get undressed for a hot guy anytime soon, or going to the beach the next couple of days, because I suspect that this bruise will almost be as good as the one from my friends stairs during their wedding last year (I had three steps inprinted on my right leg including a shoe imprint on my left foot)

Thursday, June 2


I'm impressed over myeslf. There has been a thing I have been trying to do for years and when I arrive to Mexico I do it without a second tought...

The great thing with crossing the Atlantic ocean

Reeses peanutbutter cups!!

My indulgence over here and also when friends ship them over here from the states (doew not happen that often unfortunately)

Absent minded?

I just tried to cook dinner by putting the plate on the stove and the fryingpan next to it....

Luckily this was diiscovered before the hotplate got to warm.


Yes I do have my blog open for everybody to read!

This is me my thoughts and reflections. If I do happend to write something you don't like deal with it.

But I DO belive in courtesy of felling blog memebers if asked politely to remove a post/ link/ name etc. I have done this on one or two occasions.

So why would there be such a problem in removing one of my bloglinks from your webpage?! If I ask politely?