Friday, February 25

Beach 2012

Its a year ago today that I feel in the slope and folded my left elbow the wrong way. Its still not a happy camper, but finally I can start working out properly. Have to be careful not to over work it and not fast unplanned moves. Yes weight in the wrong way & it disconnects itself.

Last week I did sign up for the gym again and it feels so good to be able to work the entire boody again. Its quite amazing fast you feel you body tightening up when working the muscles. Its also scary in how bad shape I'm in.

Since its Mexico this summer there will not be much beach 2011 (rings a bit wrong doesn't it). I will be working 6-7 days a week and will not be living by the ocean.

Thursday, February 24

Dating update

Felt after givin a friend the whole dating update list that maybe I should update here to.

Date 1- We call him "på Spåret"- He turned wierd, we are talking psyko wierd (thank god he never got my phone number). ONly lasted one date

Date 2- Importbride- my hot landlord, never made it to a date. He imported a girl from thailand on his last trip.

Date 3- Mcdreamy/steamy- date is set for our first date....

Date 4- Running boy- Trying to find a date for our first date

date 5- Hot guy in class (Hottie 1)- at this moment just eyecandy

Friday, February 18

Who stole my crayons?

In the middle of studying and realized that someone stole my caryons

How am I going to study now??

They were last seen/used in Egypt

Wednesday, February 16

Cards on the table

If you say that you wanna be my friend. stop pretending when I'm not around and when I'm around stop giving me lame excuses why you don't have time to catch up.

I'm not in high school any more but your behaviour is like we still are (yes this post is high school warning).

Freinds always have time to a cup of coffe before mid march....

Monday, February 14

Lanky bird

Sometimes that as on Facebook capture my mind.

Lanky bird is one of those. Its a shop for tall women and to be honest there have been a couple of things that I would love to complement my wardrobe with:

Its a shame that my student budget don't agree with their prices (no they are not that expensive I'm just really really poor at the moment)

photo: Lanky bird


I thought it was over!! No more email, sms, flowers, etc etc.

but No suddenly my phone beeps (ok vibrates) and whats on it?!

yes you guessed it a Valentines red rose that I can go and pick up at a flowersshop of my choice!!

How to ell when you food is spoiled

Sorry I just had to show you this list. On this site you an find other good list.

Anything that makes you gag is spoiled (except for leftovers from what you cooked for yourself last night).

When something starts pecking its way out of the shell, the egg is probably past its prime.

Milk is spoiled when it starts to look like yogurt. Yogurt is spoiled when it starts to look like cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is spoiled when it starts to look like regular cheese. Regular cheese is nothing but spoiled milk anyway and can't get any more spoiled than it is already.
Cheddar cheese is spoiled when you think it is blue cheese but you realize you've never purchased that kind.

If it makes you violently ill after you eat it, the mayonnaise is spoiled.

Frozen foods that have become an integral part of the defrosting problem in your freezer compartment will probably be spoiled (or wrecked anyway) by the time you pry them out with a kitchen knife.

This is NOT a marketing ploy to encourage you to throw away perfectly good food so that you'll spend more on groceries. Perhaps you'd benefit by having a calendar in your kitchen.

If opening the refrigerator door causes stray animals from a three-block radius to congregate outside your house, the meat is spoiled.

Sesame seeds and Poppy seeds are the only officially acceptable "spots" that should be seen on the surface of any loaf of bread. Fuzzy and hairy looking white or green growth areas are a good indication that your bread has turned into a pharmaceutical laboratory experiment.

Flour is spoiled when it wiggles.

Bibb lettuce is spoiled when you can't get it off the bottom of the vegetable crisper without Comet. Romaine lettuce is spoiled when it turns liquid. (We didn't think you needed guidance with this one)

Any canned goods that have become the size or shape of a softball should be disposed of.


A carrot that you can tie a clove hitch in is not fresh.

Raisins should not be harder than your teeth.

If it looks like it is ready for planting, toss it.

If you can take it out of its container and bounce it on the floor, it has gone bad.

Putting empty containers back into the refrigerator is an old trick, but it only works if you live with someone or have a maid.

You know it is well beyond prime when you're tempted to discard the Tupperware along with the food. Generally speaking, Tupperware containers should not burp when you open them.

Most food cannot be kept longer than the average life span of a hamster. Keep a hamster in or nearby your refrigerator to gauge this

From: strangeplaces

The ultimate bachelor pad


  • If you have problem loosing weight
  • hate doing your dishes
  • are banned from the kitchen forever by the firedepartment
  • If you name is Ia....

Sunday, February 13

Three grapes

HSay hello to my new obsession:

Jacobs creek three grapes.

Its delicous- the red one that is

the rose I'm keeping to a special occasion and the white was no longer avalable at the bottle shop.

The safari stable

My favorite course is over at uni- zoobiology. In the last day one of my heroes showed us around- The new chef veterinarian.

Oh and as you can see winter is not gone yet, we got 3 dm of snow during thursday and on friday it kept on snowing. The Grevy zebras didn't seem to mind though.

we got to say hello to a very curious pregnant reticulated giraffe to.

Saturday, February 12

out with the old in with the new

How do you guys like my new header??



Mexico monkey business

My newest addtion to the blog family:

Mexican monkey business is fully dedicated to my master thesis, travel and rest of my Mexico adventure.


I just got my Ipod nano back after handing it in to be looked at. Have not been happy with the battaries in it.

They didn't find anything wrong with it so had to pay 350 sek for it. Not a problem as long as it works properly. Gonna use it today so plug it into my computer to charge the batteries and they have reformatted it for me for MAC. For a MAC my computer is a WINDOWS and whenI handed it in it was formatted for WINDOWS.

Have now spent the last halfohour adding the music I had on it!!

Seriously if you are going to reformat it refomat it right!!!!!!!

Colourful heels part 2

I had a craving for these heels for ages and since I'm not three apples tall I needed another solution. Yes I know I have a couple of coloured heels in my shoe closet but its spring then you need bright colours.

I bought a pair of white pumps on sale & spray painted them brihgt yellow for a dress up party (Sorry din't have time to take a before picture). realized as soon as they were put on that these will be awsome for spring (when ever it arrives).

I just have to get the hell back on and repaint them. Turns out they weren't dry enough when I had to wear them (Oops).
No happy thought that the rubber heels fell of after about 2 hrs of wearing indoors. If I hadn't painted them I would have gone back with them even if they were on sale that is not ok.

Friday, February 11


Brand new feta cheese

Thursday, February 10

Kolmårdens tropikarium

Today we had a guided tour in the tropicarium.


A sure sign that spring is on its way. The roads turn into solid ice.
On friday I took my suicide fall. thank good I only got a little ruised and battered. My wrist turned blue and holy after the gravel...

Wednesday, February 9

Mimmi mouse outfit

This saturday we celebratde one of my best friends birthdays. It was a surprise party so I have not been able to share with you all my preparations. BUt this is the end result:


dress- I managed to buy the shortest dress on the market and had to make a pair of shorts to wear underneath.
The ears and bow are home made as is the tail.
The bow in the back is a belt I found on sale at Monki.
The shoes were originally white, but I bought a can of bright yellow spray paint and painted them
the socks are H&M lace

cardigan I burrowed from mom. It is only february still.


I love when beautiful candles are on sale. It isn't only beautiful, but smells great to.

Sale shopping

End of january early february is my time of year for shopping. Don't now why but I am a super sale shopper this is when I usuallt find things that I like/love.

This years catch:

Saint and sinner top (50%)

67 pumps (70% + 20%) these were originally white, but painted yellow

67 shoes (70%)

textile shoes (40%)

H&M shirt (50%)

dress+ top + shirt (15%)


Monday, February 7

No luck

Nope the first date turned a bit stange before date two.

So no date two for me with this guy, but i'm sure there is more fish in the sea.

Thursday, February 3

Is the curse broken?

I went on a date for the first time in 2½ years yesterday.

And it will be a second date.