Wednesday, July 30

How many drinks does a bottle of Passoa hold??


well if you only mix it with raw sugar and lime (crushed together in glass) with cruched ice

= 4 drinks

REMEBER to use a STRAW it taste so much better then

Monday, July 28

9) Innocence

By: Kathleen Tessaro

Easy beach read. The perfect book to bring in the sun, but it did annoy me quite a bit, not sure yet what I think about it but it is for sure a chick lit that is easy to read and you will finish in a couple of days. Cute cover though.

page count: 439+2867=3306

photo: Adlibris

Sunday, July 27


Last night I followed a couple of friends to olstorp where Lasse-stefanz were playing (not my type of music).

Have not bin dancing that much in ages and my bruised feet from friday night imporved in size and colour.

But we did have fun and it was just an awsome saturday night on the country side with people in all ages from 18-80.

will definately go bcak there someother night for sure, it was just so laid back and easy going and weather couldn't have bin better.

Saturday make up

Managed to get some decent shots of my eyes.

eyeline: chanel white and urban decay 24/7 glide on deviant (both underneth eyes)

primer: urban decay
base: MAC shore leave
then: brown from YSL palette esprit couture, the body shop Sea blue, MAC pigment mutiny and barry M fine glitter dust no 15

mascara: urban decay -lingerie & galoshes as primer and top coat
yves roche extensium- noir graphicue

Saturday night

Wearing:top- sportsgirl
jeans- topshop
ballerina- scooter
socks- myers

Saturday in the sun

Today me and M have just relaxed by the lake all day and trying to soak up the sun and recharge the batteries for tonight.

Allsång på Husaren

On firday night me and a friend went out in skövde and attended Allsång på Husaren. There were a ridiculous amount of people out and it didn't take long on the dancefloor to get briused feet (one I'm still recovering from).

It was really fun, but I was stuggeling alittle no guys were flirting with me! not used to that and well it didn't really cheer me up, but I had fun anyway and just tried to dance and enjoy my time there.

Dancing was more moving w the crowd since it was so packed, and the strobe lights were not even funny (are they aloowed to have them on for an extended time?!) and the smoke machine was a big fan to on the dance floor so bad that pccasionally you could not see anything thourgh the smoke and the strobe lights (got a claustrophobic feeling from it). So you had to feel yourself around where your friends could be and what was going on. Thank god the dance floor was outside, but my throat on saturday felt like I had bin in a smoky pub last nihgt and smoked a couple of tomany ciggaretes.

I'm starting to feel proud over myself, in the last couple of months I have only smoked ones when out & wanted to strangle myself afterwards (didn't enjoy it) and it looks like i'm getting past the testing bit to, bc I regret it as soon as i have taken a drag from it.

Friday night


top- grab
skirt- alexander wang

Friday, July 25

Mamma Mia

This past weekend me and a friend headed to the cinema to go and see Mamma Mia the movie.

What did I think, well it was good and although I'm a big fan of musicals this one was alittle over the top for me. Saying that Abba for sure made some great songs and the actors played it really well.
But nothing I want to go and see again soon, or rush and buy DVD when it comes out. Am happy I have seen it.

I'll give it 3 bambies.


8) Adrift in Caledionia

Took a little longer in finishing book 8.

Adrift in Caledonia
by: Nick thorpe

A travel journal about his travels by floating devices around scotland start and end in Edinburgh. An interesting history, travel book, telling you both about the people he met and places he visited. It was alittle of adrag reading though, nothing I finished in a couple of days/hours as I do with a good book.

page count: 334+ 2533=2867

photo: nickthorpe

Friday, July 18

An upgrade?

My cats scratching tree have become to small and I need to upgrade it to a larger one.

This would be the dream one, but I think I will look for a little smaller one. They are getting quite big and I think a decent tree will give them what they need in exercise and luxury.

photo: tradera


This is what I have bin feeling like today:

In what order to read them?

This is the pile of books that I'm aiming to finish this summer (yes looks quite daunting), not sure how far I will get but some more will be finished by the time school starts again in august.

which book do you think I'm reading at the moment?
I will give u a hint: its iin english and written by a male

How many books do you actually think I will finish?

Lars Winnerbäck

I made it to the concert in the end, and only 10 min late. Quite proud of that since I was in stable from 13.30-16.00.

Unfortunately Miss Li was sick so that part of the concert was cancelled, so thrid time is the champ? Have bin to two concerts were she was supposed to perform but was sick, so I'm really hoping that one day I will see her live because I actually like her music alot.

Maia Hirasawa was coiming on stage when we arrived (yes we missed the first performance due to starvation) and she was just AWSOME, the perfect music to sit in the grass and listen to, only thing missing was a glass of wine or beer otherways it would have bin perfect.

2 hrs later Lars winnerbäck came on and he played for almost 2 hrs. I'm going to be quite honest and admit that until yesterday I have never bin a huge fan of his music (okok actually avioded his songs for some reason), but WOW I'm so in love with his music and lyrics now, and the performance. I just didn't want it to end, he was GREAT!

The weather helped a little to.

Thursday, July 17

I see a trend

First we had:

Cat in the bag....

now there is

cat in the paper bag....

to be continued...

Lars Winnerbäck summer tour

Tonight Lars Winnerbäck is playing in my town and well, me and a friend decided that we will go and see him and all the other artists he got with him. Have only really heard about Miss Li before (and really like her). So its gonna be interesting, first thing first is to get hold of tickets (yes we are late we know)

and before that the farrower have to come and put on my friends horse some new shoes, since he decided to loose them. I am the ever ooptimist and are praying that by 5 pm I will have taken care of the horse. chowered and changed and stand at my friends door. If not she is in charge of the tix.

photo: ticnet

Summer time sale

I have managed to find some items on sale this season to, Even though I feel like I have mainly bin complaining over what is on sale and that in the good shops there is usually a mere 30% DISCOUNT.

Well at LaRami in Skövde they decided to opt for another way 50% off on ALL items in their shop, talk about finding a gold mine of gooies. Its stores like that that also make me wanna spend money in full prise at their shop.

What I got was that dress I have bindrowling over from styelin for a long long time (thought it was long gone) and a cute summer breezy dress/ tunic from saint tropez.

There were some gorgeous boots there to, but my wallet wouldn't agree with me even when they were 50% off :(

Its a Girl

My dear friend whose horse I'm taking care of gave birth to a health baby girl on monday.

Tuesday, July 15

7) How to walk in high heels

Ehm what to say. Was a drag, took for ever to finish. Does people actually read this seriously?? I thought it was gonna be funny take the piss out of stuff, but no I was horribly wrong.

well if you happened to be utterly stupid and now nothing about nothing this is the book for you (sorry if anybody got offended by this)

How to walk in high heels
by: Morton, Camilla

page count: (449-194) + 2278=2533

photo: Adlibris

Under my apple tree

Dixie spending her days underneath the apple tree waiting for them to fall down.

My week3end has bin spend taking care of the most adorable dogs.

Dixie pictured and Sizzla (not in pic)

only managed a day without them before I had to see them again :P

6) King Salomon's ring

You like animal behaviour, and are somehwat into sience and biology. Have heard about Konrad Lorenz geese. Well read it its a must. If you aren't into these things it will be a drag.

King Solomon's Ring
by: Lorenz, konrad

Page count: 211+2067= 2278

photo: adlibris

Thursday, July 10

5) The Templar legacy

Hehe yes finishing books in a high speed at the moment, but this was a pageturner belive me could not put it down until I had finished it.

The templar legacy

by: Berry, Steve

If you like angels and demons and the Davinci code then this is a must to read. It has the same speed, feeling thrill and well pageturning event as Dan Brown managed with his books. Just read it that is all I have to say.

pagecount: 481+ 1586=2067

photo: adlibris

THE Gang meet again

Yesterday we met. The girls that used to hangout all through Highs school and the times before that. A couple of times a year we try to catch up when its someones birthday etc etc, but due to some of us moving away we are always atleast one short (I'm usually the one that is missing :( )
So yesterday we planned a long time ago to catch up in Gothenburg and go to Liseberg for a 5-kamp and then have dinner at a nice restaurant in town.

The company was great, I lost miserably in the 5-kamp (both by points and ranking) unfortunatley the food was not so great it was COLD nothing else to say about it, mine was warmest and that was luke warm :(

Oh well it was fun to catch up with everybody and see how they were doing now adays.

Monday, July 7

4) Vikinga Blot

Yes its true I have already finished 4 books in my summer reading (but I onlyy have 8 weeks of holiday so...)

Vikinga Blot
by:Ingelman-Sundberg, Caharina

Not the best book I have read I may admit. But it was a panic read grabbed from the bookshelf here at my parents place. It was ok, but I did feel that the book just ended, would have liked it a little it longer or aleast let me now what happened afterwards.

pagecount: 1271+ 315=1586

New foundation

Since I had to go into town to get my computer fixed I did go and buy a ew foundation and while I was on the makeup rut I slipped into the bodyshop and got their shimmer cubes palette 15 (have bin drowling for a while on their gorgeous colours) and while there a new nail buff file followed me home to.

foundation: diorskin pure light 202

Scotland shopping

Yes i did a tiny bit of shopping in Scotland.

Jeans- eva fromtopshop
purse- nessie

not in pic 2 secondhand books and another book (will show up in reviews later on this summer)

The Horror

Yesterday seemed to be a day to drop stuff into floor. Just before I was going to bed my laprop crashed into the floor (stone ofcourse), to my luck this morning it all seemed fine, until the warning of flow battery started showing (i had it plugged into wall).

So I called mummy and asked what to do, was told to show up at her work after lunch. I did wetried a new powercord, one of the computerr guys checked it out, cleaned it for me so now my fan, screen and keys are all skiny and almost sparkling :D

Now I have decided to invest in an external harddrive if this happens again (have already
dropped in twice in 2 weeks and y baby is soon celebratig its 5th b-day.)

Sunday, July 6

Hiking outfits

While Bjooti a couple of weeks ago went hiking in a dress and jeansand neat shoes I stuck to the more boring hiking gear when in Scotland.

That is:
  • sturdy boots, notice the socks to
  • The rustyred sportsjumper
  • rain jacket (notice i have 2 w me)
  • sportscap
  • pants that does nothing w your ass
  • yhea ofcourse a heavy, huge backpack on my pack to top it all off with.

Here are some gorgeous snapshots of me in scotland.

3) Shantaram

This is one of those books i started a while ago, but due to its mere size and hardcover this is not a book I can travel with so have only had time to read it while at home (not much that is).

by:Roberts, Gregory David

Awsome, page turner took a while to start getting the feel from it (approx 200 pages) after that I didn't wanna put it down util I had finished the last page. This one moves you and makes u feel what he is feeling, sick, happy,misrable, hungry etc etc. A warning is that if u don't like books about misery, death, sex, drugs and the maffia its not for you. Other wayss my word of advise is don't the the thikness of the book scare you it is just magnifcient to read.

page count: 682 + (941-350)= 1271

photo: adlibris

2) The kite runner

Second book I started reading while in Scotland (did I mention we were only there for 12 days) ut finshed at home.

The kite runner
by:Hosseini, Khaled

Great, horrible, awsome, disgusting etc etc Not sure how to describe the book, but it sure ass hell moves you and touches you in many ways. Now I just have to se the movie to.

Page count: 280+402= 682

photo: adlibris


Found a whole pile of outfit of the day pics. Will just gve them to u as a may/june sample of my outfits, no details will be given (u wanna know just ask)

Will not give any outfits while I'mon holiday except special occasion ones.

P.s Seem to have an ego cat, he reapperas on many of my photos as you may have notieced. here and here and here to(a tail) ,his sis
He is justt getting more and more into the camera next thing I gess he will start jumpng so he gets into the centre of photo.

1) Chasig Harry Winston

The first book I finished was in Scotland.

Chasing Harry Winston
by: Weisberger, Lauren

It was a chick lit easy to read, finished to fast and put you in a good mood. The perfect summer read that is.

Page count: 280

photo: adlibris

Modern art..... or..

my dear dior fluidskin 202 in bits and pieces on bathroomfloor?

U decide!

Summertime reading

As with the rest of sweden who is on holiday one of mine aboslute favorites to do is just read and relax in the sun, during my trip or where ever I am.

I will give you guys a brief review of the books I'm reading this summer and finishes. I have a cocuple of books i have started but due to lack of time and motivation have not yet finished this year.
I will also do a toll cont in how many pages I do managed to read this summer since actual books will be more than plenty. I plan to finish of that pile next to my bed of half read books and I also plan to make a huge chuk out of my unread books pile (more than 10 at the moment) end of summer I will give a top 5 or 10 list depending on amount of books i read.

ofcourse I start wth only brining 2 books with me to mum and dads and finish both before i have had time to get some new ones (going home on thurs).


Outside the box=also fill out these forms!

In sweden we are quitet squarae thinking in everything we do with an outcome of both good things and bad things like with everything else.

Well i went way outside this square when I started uni on a different continent and because of thihs everything I have to do when it comes to applying to things it takes for ever, requires at least 15 more pages of papers from different organisations to show that these papers are true yy degrees are real and equal to Swedish degrees, not only that I also have to show that yes i lived outside the country for those years that i studied these degrees (ehm well ofcourse 'duh') etc etc.

This mean that when u apply to be able to become a memberr of a union and hence if i get unemployed be able to get some money it takes about 12 months for the application to befinalised.

Yay great! and then came the mistake from the union they sent me a bill for that year of memebership my papers were underconsideration of a mere €300! WTF u can imagine my cheerfullnness when I opened that letter.

I have called an complained the first girl could not stop laughing when I told her my point of view (mademepissed off), second woman tried to keep her face straight but same here shse was close to lauhing. Reason well it was their fault and of course they could see my anger in this buisness and if i get some new forms singed by work they will fix this issue and remove that fee and change memberrship dates etc etc.
No I only have another 2 forms to fill out and then that should be settled (fingers crossed).