Monday, December 31


New years eve

dress- wayne cooper
tights- topshop
shoes- timberland
legwarmes & unmatching cardigan bc i was freezing my arms of



tishca- the cat empire
tights. coola anna

At Billabonn in Bonn

Saturday night me and my friend decided that a night out in Bonn was in the agenda! First we had dinner with her whole family at a really nice italian restaurant. I had vegetarian tortellini with walnuts in creme sauce and It was just heavenly.

Think that dinner also might be what saved me that night somehow from joining the party gods (toiletbowl)

We went to Billabonn bar in Bonn which is an Aussie pub and well on saturday night they tend to have 1€ shots. I guess you figured out what might have happened!
Yes we had plenty of shots (german ones) like strawberry/lime, sour apple, passoa and atleast 2 of each. On top of that we were drinking Aussie beers and ciders. By midnight when my friends brother showed up one person was already in the mercy of the party gods. Did the rest of us have any sense left that we might be joining soon???? NO you guessed right so with the help of her brother and friend we kept on drinking shots and beer (more sour apple, strawberrylime, but alos sambuca w coffe etc etc) By 2 am we had had atleast 10 shots each and my poor friend had had enough so we had to go home (most likely what saved me).

When you live outside Bonn there is ine downside a major one: Winding roads up and down the hills through villages with even worse winding turns......

But we made it home safely almost in one piece!

UPDATE: ok pub is now spelled correctcly & we were only 2 out of 5 that made it to bed in one piece.

Saturday, December 29



top: crocker krav
cardigan- j.lindeberg
jeans- lee
boots. timberland

Friday, December 28

All I want for Karneval!

Can't decide!!

Cutte cuddly lion


rainbow bright

Both are so damn cute and as a friend once told me you can never have to many dressup costumes! Right?

photo: amazon

New years

In a couple of hours I'm boarding a plane to germany (are you surprised) and will be gone for a week will updadte, but as usual it will not be rergular or effective at all!

I am seeing my dear friend the party twin & i can promise that tnew years will be wet and hopefully fun, she has not let me down on a party yet so I'm keeping my faith in her!

I'm also fairly sure that she will get into 200% in getting me to come to germany in jan/feb (not that i'm that hard to convince)

Other than that I will update u with what happens and will post some photos for you, because even in germany they have internet and computers so no drama in that bit :)


top- c&C
tisha- cat empire
jeans- topshop (will chnage into my black lee later on)

Thursday, December 27

Charcael will you please e mine??

Why why why am I not short with an unlimited bankacount???

Because if I didd these shoes would already be in my possesions. And at the moment they are on sale to, its just torture I swear torture in the severe criminal way that only a shoe lover could suffer though!!

photo: shopaholic

New car- similar model

Well after demolishing my old car I finally got a new one, okok it was the first we looked at, had a look at another car to but unfortunately my long lovely legs did not fit into the car with me :(

At first all i wanted was the same car I had, but after the testdrive I wasn't sure so we had a look at a Volvo s40 (98) and well my friends v40 was great this one wasn't.

So now I'm the rpud owner of a Ford mondeo from 2000. Its not a v6 in it as with mt old one :( But that will have to be for now, because I can't afford anybetter than that I it looked at felt ok soo what the.....



top- c&c
tisha-junk food
jeans- lee
boots- timberland

Wednesday, December 26

Best christmasgift ever

The best gift I got this year was the first payment off my student loan from mom and dad (& a huge mixer -smoothise, coktaills etc here I come!)

This mean that I will be able to go to germany in jan/feb (as long as boss agrees ocourse)




top-crocker (krav)
tights-coola anna
legwarmers-urban outfitters

Christmas day

I think this sums it all up!!

A night out with good company good drinks and good/loud music

can it be any better than that??
Wouldn't think so, didn't even have a hangover this time either. Which is a bit of a surpise actually, when u think about what was consumed lasst night etc etc


(christmas day)

dress- topshop (tall)
tights- coola anna
legwarmers- uban otfitters


(Christmas eve)


tights- coolaanna
leg warmes- urban outfitter

Monday, December 24

Chistmas Greetings

Hope that you all have a cheerful day that you spend wih someone that you love,

if not in person at least in spirit....


Sunday, December 23



jumper- diesel
tights- coola anna
leg warmers. uban outfitters
timberland boots

Friday shopping

Did a little of shopping on friday:

new phone as mentioned eralier and a protective cover for it (yes realized later that I could just have got a pair of baby socks from friend to use as cover for it)

then I needed some new pouder for traveling & since I like the chanel loose powder I decided to get a compact one from them , then that gorgeous lip gloss from the fall collectcion & a dior palette (370) where it was a free gift with. ou cacn see the great contents to. pefect for me that like small items when traveling!

Then i got some freebees from biotherm to try (wold dhave preffered chanel, but hey at least i have some small bottles when i travel again)

Saturday, December 22


singlet- sportsgirl
cardigan- portamans
jeans- topshop

Santas helper

i wana help to and imy wrapping world there is sppose to be plenty of string that I ana play with
& ofcourse many small gifts that I can play with

Friday, December 21

Finally a new phone in possession

Got the Sony-Ericsson S500i in black lack :D

need to get to know it now though

but anything is better than a half working phone

photo: telenor





top- crocker (krav)
cardigan- lux
jeans- lee
shoes- timberland

first day of for christmas leaave and i had to get up before 8 to leave my mom at the trainstation.

My car :(

Went to the car dealer yesterday and emptied my car & also took some photos of the damage,

it is not looking good at all

You can clearlysee where I hit the christmas tree when sliding of the road...



body-dance shop
bolero- bought in germany
skirt- vintage
tights- topshop

Wednesday, December 19

new toy ?

a container can be heaps of fun



singlet. sprotsgirl
vest. vintage
tights/ twilft
legwarmers. urban outfitters
boots. timberland

Tuesday, December 18


singlet- supre x2
tunic- clara/mq
jeans- diesel
boots- X&YZ

Monday, December 17


dress- numph
blets- second hand
tights- coola anna
shoes- timberland
leg wamrers- coola anna

Sunday, December 16

Christmas shopping

Finally got my last chistmas gifts today :D

and when I went into Lindex this dress hung there calling my name, okok on me its not a dress and with a belt in waist and a black pair of jeans or tights it will be a great christmas tunic. Since i have a couple of christmas dinners to attend this week it will be perfect in my closet.

silvra also thought it was perfect and hand to check it out while I was taking a photo of it, big bro decided to just check it all out on top of the scraching pole ....



singlet- supre
bolero- purr
jeans- diesel
belt- mango
shoes- X&YZ (needs resoling :( )

Saturday, December 15

my injury

This is all you can see of the damage on me and that is all there is....

my left collarbone is more pronounced when standing relaxed and will most likely look like that all my life,
to be honest it is not bothering me at all, yes i'm not 'even' right and left side but its hardly noticeable. BUt it does hurt like hell moving my arm in some angles (as you mightunderstand) but whenmy tendon is healed it should all be fine just a minor default in my looks

or what do you think??



singlet- sportsgirl
cardigan- portman
jeans- topshop
belt- mango
shoes- timberland

After a wild night in rest is needed

A wild night in playing with your brother then ofcourse you need to rest and recharge your batteries...

and why not rest on a pile of my jeans etc.??

they have bin playing chase all night long, and a bit into the morning, so ofcourse there is a bit of rest needed after that.

would prefer rest night time paly day time ;)

They have now bin named to: The black fluffy male is SOTIS and the grey speckled girl s SILVRA

btw how do u like the scratching borad a student of mine in the disabled group made??

i think its great & so does the cats specially sitting on top of it!

Chanel: Precision Blanc Essentiel Lightening Foaming Cleanser 150ml/5oz

I am a bit curios on this foaming cleanser..

Anybody that have tried it and can tell me how it works??

photo: strawberrynet

A guardian Angelmost likely save my life

Thursday started great with an email tahe made me smile & a really funny Lucia train at work, work was ok nothing major there, home wait and then time to go and pick up my kittens.....

When I was only 1-2 km away from my colleagues house my trip stopped with the help of some ice on the road and a christams tree by the side of the road.

Had just left the highway and entered a smaller road when I realized that it looked like it was ice on the road, never had time to think more than that before I hit a corner and car starts spining out of control on the road, ended in the ditch on my side of road facing back the way I came from where the car rammed a tree on my left side (thats how we finally got to a stop).

I still can't belive that I could crawl out of my car at that point using the passenger side door. Damage on car was so severe that it had to get towed to a ford car dealer to have it checked out and it seems like that it will never leave that place after first checkup. They say that the steel frame at front of car by window have taken a hard hit and they suspect there is lot of damage on it, front windows is broken, thank god not drivers side window, siderear window hanging on the side, dashboard push in (could hardly open the glove compartment onsite) the tire and stearing shit i have no clue what have happened. (will take photos when I get there this week to empty the car on personal belongings).

My personal damaged is minimal not quite sure how I did managed to get away w just a torn tendon on collarbone and some small bruises on leftside of body (yes seatbelt saved my life) and a bit shaken up. But there were for sure some one watching over me at that point, if the car would have hit the tree as little as 10 cm further back i would have had to be cut out and the question is then would I have bin alive wil all limbs intack???

Still a little shaken up, but happy to be alive and seeing the positive side in it. came out in one piece with just a small injury, yes my collarbone will forever be pooking out a bit more than what it did previouslym but hey my bones pooked out before and thats the least i can expect.

Friday, December 14



singlet- sportsgirl
shirt- filippa k
jeans- diesel
shoes- x&yz

my angels are home

look how adorabl ethey are at 6.30 am

Thursday, December 13



singlet- sportsgirl
top-saint tropes
bolero- bought in germany
skirt- french connection
tights- 2 xlindex
boots- timberland

Wednesday, December 12



top- petit betau
dress- modströms
tights- 2 x lindex
legwarmers- koola anna
shoes- X&YZ

Tuesday, December 11


dress- j.lindeberg
cardigan- miss coco
tights- 2 x lindex
shoes- X&YZ

Monday, December 10



body- mq
tischa- acne
cardigan- j.lindeberg
jeans- lee
boots- din sko