Friday, September 27

Raise your voice

Its funny how you sometimes meet the right person at the right thime, or the person who knows the right person.

A couple of weeks ago I joined a new gym in the town where I know live. Why I decided on this gymis because you have "free" access to the swimming pool in your memebership. For my it means that I only have to tay one monthly fee for swimming and training (yes I'm going indoors for the winter season).

Its has all been good and for the last 3 weeks I have attended over 10 classes (ie I have spend some time at the gym), but I am so not happy with their service.

You don't feel welcome whenwalking through the door, there was no introductory information what so ever when I signed up (I had to ask the following day where I find womens lockerrooms AND where the room for dance classes are located).

This feeling that you are not welcome and that its only certain memebers you pay attention to have increased over the few weeks. I have actually considered trying out other gyms and paying the double fee for swimming and traning just to feel more welcome.

Today I talked to one of my collagues and she qas asking how I like my new town, if I had started training at a gymyet etc etc and I told her what I was feeling. Turns out her husband is head manager at this gym.

So it was decided that after danceclass today I will met him and tell him about how I see the service and be informed about what services the gym actually offers.

Sometimes its good to be a bit disapointed about things..

to be continued......

Saturday, September 21

Saturday evening

Its saturday evening and I'm sitting by my computer applying for a job at a Zoo.

Yep some people are away on dinners other crayfish parties, but I'm applying for a new job.

Friday, September 20


Friday is here that means I can sleep in tomorrow in my own bed at my own place :)

This friday has been celebrated with:

going home from work at noon
fixing in my bedroom
booking train tickets to Åre where I'm  celebrating New Years.
planning to go to a dance class at the gym

then we are hitting the couch with a chilled glas of wine......

Monday, September 16

Sports bra addiction

It all started in early July when I realized that my sports
bra I use for work at the aquarium had lost its shape. When I raised my arms it followed and you can imagine when you have a job with a lot of lifting, twisting, carrying, moving, jumping etc its not ultimate.

I decided to just get a new one for work in a cool colours since I had two good ones for when I work out. But after I bought I new one I realized that my other two were a little worn and Adidas by stella mcCartney had a really nice canary yelow that I have been droooling over quite a while.

I bought that one as well, and then I realized I need a new one with thinner straps and bought that one and then I found a black/grey one that I can use as a layer when using tops that have no back etc when working out.

So that is 4 sportsbras in 1 month (july-august) guess what I just found online......

Yes another cool sports bra (no I did not buy it).

Is there a rehab centre for sports bra addiction?

Wednesday, September 11

The big apple

In april I'm flying to New york to run the womens half marathon:

I am really excited over this decision.

Thursday, September 5

Thursday luxury

I only worked a half day today. 
When I came home I walked downtown to by a thank you present and got my nails done. 

Going to try and keep these shellac nails in shape this fall.

Tuesday, September 3

Not quite yet

When I was flying home from Madagascar I felt at peace, a peace I have not felt for many many years. For the summer this feeling has been with me and I have loved almost every single second of my life.

Until last wednesday. I had a great run. THE BEST run in like forever.

When the euphoria ran over me and left my body I felt empty and alone and an anciety attack was over me.
I was so unprepared I felt naked walking down the hill to my new home.

Called some friends and no one picked up the phone, the loneliness grew worse.

Since then I have been ok, but there are grey shadows lurking in the horizon and I know that I need to change my pattern for it to go away.

I will get there somehow.....