Saturday, August 23

Soon I'll train Capoeira again

For a couple years ago I used to train capoeira once a week, but due to a muscle injury, demanding uni and a unforseen move to sweden I quit. have from time to time looked half heartedly for a club close by, but only managed to find when i'm about to move.

So last night before I was going out I was at a friends place and she was telling me she was going to start training this afrikan dance, fight thingy. I asked her what it was called and jumped of happines when she told me it was capoeira. So I literally threw my self on the phone to book myself into the group.

SO in a couple of weeks I'm back in the ring, which also means that my body will be sore most of the week from muscle ache :D But You do get fit from it and strong, which is what I need i I'm gonna survive in the saddle of my friends horse.

Maybe now I will start meeting people outside work and maybe actually get my life back as I like it. yes for each week its getting better and better, but its still not where I would like it to be. Should not complain, I could have it so much worse.

photo: brazilriodejanerio, oddshall

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