Tuesday, September 30

80's party

Don't ask, not sure (last shot in my camera)

A couple of weeks ago I attended an 80's theme party and let me tell you it was a blast, even though I was laying sick the days previous I managed to pull myslef together for that night....

And party I did, managed to win the twister challange for our team (felt that the following day in my bod), I did managed to have ahollywood moment in the middle of twister (flash my underwear, yes I do wear underwear) that ot caught on atleast one shot from people taking pictures.
managed to talk way to much with my firends (sorry if I talked your ears sore) and yhe ain the end I did somehow manage to find the only HOT single guy at the party to kiss.

Did he call me though?! No ofcourse not :( (Only downside with that night)

my outfit (check out the cheek bones, they are real)

dress. vintage
jacket: vila (just for the freezing cold weather)
Shoes: vintage black pumps (not in pic)
earings: mos old 80's orignials (unfortunately I lost half of one)
Hair: my own dear hair that had tpo spend a day in tiny rollers, isn't it gorgeous? was the following day though!

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