Friday, October 10

To think before you act...

Last saturday I was working since school was open for the public to come and have alook around.
While I was there they called me from the riding school that they were desperate for voluteers the following day. I told them that I was oly available in the afternoon and that the earliest I could come was at 1 pm.
I did finally arve at 1.30 pm and was finished at 2.30! Why even bother to ask e to come?? There were several people who were just standing around doing nothing. As you can imagine I was sooo pleased of this that I was jumping around cheering (not).

I just felt like when you in desperation ask someone to do something make sure it is necessary, because to be honest I could have done so much more of that day if new today then what was going on. I basically felt used.

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