Saturday, November 8

cat and mouse; Predator and prey

My dear baby has grown up so fast.

Today Silvra caught her first mouse. And ofcourse when you catch your first prey you need to show it to your mom (me) (thank god the door was closed, has had enough of mouse hunting indoors from previous cats).

She wasn't quite sure what to do with it and since mice was healthy (no visible wounds) I did the merciful and brought my baby with me inside and let the mouse run of in to the busch again. I'm all for letting my animals act out their natural behaviour, but when they don't now how to kill and eat, but just play around with it I do interfere and save the prey.

And while all this was happening her brother was laying in the basementwindow looking out.

Silvra just had to join her brother after she came in (pissed of at me because I let the mouse go).

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