Sunday, May 24

Beach 2009

Its getting closer.

I only have 2½ weeks of work then 9 weeks holiday.

And how is my beach 2009 bod going?? The only thing I can say is AWSOME!!

Just got back from an Athletic pass at the gym, it gives just so sore muscles that you start suspecting you might have broken your ribs, but man does it wonders to your poor body or what!!

This week turns out to be a hardcore week. After a long weekend of suffering mentally & eatiing way to much and workinig out way to litle. I'm catching up.

Today it was Athletic
monday Bodyjam
tuesday Yoga, found out its startinng again after running into the yoga coach and she told me we are stsarting out soft and easy. hehe tendons you will suffer and strech
wednesday ridingclass
thhursday Bodyjam
fiday and saturday I think my body need to recover.....

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