Saturday, November 20

87,5 %

Yes yes yes.

I pulled a 9 on the last labreport, that we good sent back and called a disastrous draft. Nice job team. 8 hrs of work and a disaster gave a 9/10.

The last summary handed in we finaly aced a 10 on it.

SO that gives my total in course work at 87,5%, minimum for a 5 is 85%. Now I Just need to ace that exam on monday. No pressure at all no pressure....


Holly Hock said...

Det kommer du fixa, lätt som en plätt. "A decent student", var det inte så någon av de där professorerna kallat dig? "An excellent student" more like it! Kram, Therese

Bambie said...

Det är den professor som jag haft i detta ämne som kallt mig a "decent student" bättre kan man nog inte bli hos honom.