Thursday, November 25

Its just NOT fair!

This spring a friend of mine found out that her daughter has type I dieabetes.
This tuesday the same friend found out that her outher daughter has Leukemia.
Why is it that in some families everything happens?
They don't deserve it.
They are the sweetest parents alive!
My heart goes out to you in this horrible time.

If you want to help go to barncancerfonden


Not a parent of childhood cancer said...

Hi I am looking for an image as yours for my childhood cancer awareness foundation and I would like to know if I could get the image emailed to me in its original format. I understand if this is too much to ask but I would give you all the credit for the photos and it is going for a great casues is called "Not a parent of childhood cancer" If this is okay please find me on facebook here is the link to my page!/profile.php?id=660858531


Not a parent of childhood cancer said...

Please let me know if you have my previous comment, this is my first time using this program

Bambie said...

I am sorry but that is not my photo, but belongs to Barncancerfonden (the link at the bottom)