Thursday, December 2

Day 05- What is love?

Am I supposed to answer this?

I know this much about love:

I have never felt true love to another person.
I do know about love to parents, animals and friends. Isn't that the same type? In my world no, but for me to define love to another person.

For me that is when you can't focus when he is around, your world moves at a different speed, the air sparkles from tensions that is build up... Hang on that isn't love. Thats attraction. That I know exactly how it feels and what it is. Thats how my world feel all the time at the moment. All these hot men in this town is quickly driving me insane.

Back to Love what is love?
Its trust, giving your sinner self to someone else, feeling whole when together,,,,,

Oh... I don't know the only thing that I can focusing on at the moment is sexual attraction

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