Thursday, December 16

Day -18 My favorite birthday

This is a hard one, which one to choose. NO not all my birthdays have been favorites. I
'll give you a glimpse of the ones I remember.

My birthday is in mid august when school usually start and since 10 years at school wasn't the happiest time of my life my birthdays were usually welcomed with mixed feelings during those years. Birthday = back to school.

Age 11 - Wake up get my usual treasure map and chase around the house for presents and in the lving room there is a brand new bike.

Age 12 - Instead of treasure map I got a basked of yarn that I had to roll up and in the end of each string there was a present. The house looked like some trapping decive.

Age 21 - A three day celebration with all my new friends in Australia.

Age 22 - Was sick, field trip. lost my voice. Had just gotten to know my dear dear friend I. She had decided to suprise me with THE BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD after my field trip. All was set except I was no where to be found (was found in bed with no voice and feeling like crap). But that cake oh my god, I think that is what settled our friends ship, the cake, the surprise and feeling loved when I was low (do I remember correctly that I went out that night with no voice?).

Age 25 - Turning 25 at the same day as the collegeball can it get better? Had loads to do at uni (as usual when you just wanna get pretty) and when I came back from class my dear friends had filled my room with balloons, Barricated my door with birthday banners and inside the mess I found a huge basket of presents from my fellow floor members. Had an awsome night, in a painful pair of shoes that resulting me getting kicked out of the casino several times (not sure why they let me in again and again and again).

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