Sunday, January 23

Five things

I know I know I'm not coherrent with my five things a week. It all depends on what time I have to publish posts (my never ending excuse).

My Five things this week goes in the zoo theme.

First having lectures and dinner with the people that are the reason I got into my area is just amazing.

Knee deep in snow looking a enclosures. I sompletely misjudged of far down the actual ground was....

Blowing immobilizing darts. Not my blowing session (they were in a straight line starting at hoof and ending on top of animal. ie aim is good, blowing technique is not.

Ending the week with a summery cocktail: Apple bacardi, strawberry vodka, granade apple and sprite (drank it before I had time to take a picture).

Dexter theme in the Kitchen: Granade apple and a bleeding wound in the hand made it all a little surreal.

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