Saturday, February 12

Colourful heels part 2

I had a craving for these heels for ages and since I'm not three apples tall I needed another solution. Yes I know I have a couple of coloured heels in my shoe closet but its spring then you need bright colours.

I bought a pair of white pumps on sale & spray painted them brihgt yellow for a dress up party (Sorry din't have time to take a before picture). realized as soon as they were put on that these will be awsome for spring (when ever it arrives).

I just have to get the hell back on and repaint them. Turns out they weren't dry enough when I had to wear them (Oops).
No happy thought that the rubber heels fell of after about 2 hrs of wearing indoors. If I hadn't painted them I would have gone back with them even if they were on sale that is not ok.

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