Saturday, March 5

Super sale bargain

I have been a little lucky lately. All this winter sale I have been chasing a nice looking, simple black longsleeved top that I can wear unerneath a short sleeved suitjacket that I have haning in my closet.

When I Jönköping a couple of weeks ago I found this one for €5.

and then last week when I went to the booksale with a friend we eneter MQ for me to have a look at the end of the sale rack. There was a top I fell in love with this fall, but the pricetag and me were nott good friends then. So when it hung there last one in M for €10 I could not pass on that opportunity. Its already a favorite in my closet let me tell you. SO much that I'm afraid that it will be all worn out when I come home from Mexico this fall (end of summer).

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