Saturday, April 9

Ego boost

Is currently visiting a friend in Jönköping and we decided to go shoppning at A6 centre. While standing in line to get lunch a man came up asking me in english when the centre were closing. Nothing wrong or wierd with that.

AFetr I had purchased my lunch and was heading upstairs to the tables with my food tray the same man stopped me and asked me out for a date. He told me that he was moving to Jönköping and would love to go out with me someday.

He loved my grace, elegance and style. -I took this as a H U G E compliment since I had just traveled 2 hrs in a car, don't know when I brushed my hair last (guess it was when I washed it) and yhea just feeling plain old me over all.

I told him that I wasn't living in the town and that I'm moving to Mexico in three weeks. He then asked me when I was coming back and if I wouldn't give me his number anyway.

Me being me I told him sorry, but no (he was to short for me).

But this is just the ego boost that I needed now.

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