Friday, April 22

Mood swings

From nowhere I hit the bottom. Feeling all alone hating my life as it is.

I know I know I should be all happy and cheery going shortly to Mexico for 4 months, dating an awsome guy. But after my run I felt so lonely and just hating how things are right now.

Got a message friends where telling me they were going out for a drink, due to the distance there is no way I could have joined them. BUt it all made me feel so lonely and hating all the evenings I sit at home.

I know that its just me and if I want to change it I can only do it myself. But how?? I have awsome friends, but it seeems like I only meet people that don't really enjoy the good times. The few that do already have their awsome lives and I have to fight to be in them (that is what I feel like).

Oh well fingerscrossed that 4 months in Mexico will change me to become the person that I long to be again. Ohh How I miss my Australian life right now.

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