Thursday, May 19

The Carrie diaries

The Carrie diaries
By: Candance Bushnell

Love, love, love. Carrie in senior year. Need I say more? I bought this one on the aiport and this was the best travelbook. When in Canada I almost bought the sequel "summer in the city", but decided to wait until its out in paperback.

So Carrie as a teenager is it anygood, yes I think so. You get a little of the background of how was she was as a teenager. What it was the made her move to New York and what her dreams where then. I can tell you that even in her early years she was struggeling with the boys.

Think that is why I like Carrie so much, all the bor problems. I can see myself in her in som many ways.

I give this book a five.

Pagecount: 602 + 428 = 1030

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