Tuesday, May 17

The pirates daughter

The pirate's daugther
By: Margaret Cezair-Thompson

Predictable, good, can't put the book down. Thats three phrases to describe this book with. And I also guess that from now on I'm a book thief!

I "burrowed" this one from the resort in Egypt. Just never mentioned when I would be handing it back (woops).

Yes it was a while since I read it, but for a beach/airplane book this was the perfect one. You have the drama, the love, the war, the rich and famous, the poor and suffering all taking place on Jamacia and a little in New York City. Not a masterpiece but well worth reading when relaxing on your holiday.

I give it a three due to the predictedness of the book.

page count: 168 + 399= 567

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