Monday, June 20

My safety blanket

Since december 2006 this have been my safe place. The place where I write what I want. I know its open to the public and that all my friends that now about it can come in here and read...

But I have never mentioned people by name and never will, but now I am thinking. Is it time to move on to a new place? Leave this one behind?

Its not my safe place anymore. That someone has made sure of, I feel like I can't write what I want here anymore and then its not worth it.

But to leave so many good things behind. Password protect it yes I could, but then I might as well stop.

Or just do as I have done before leave it to rest and take it up again when I feel that I have my privacy back?

So many things I have wanted to write the last couple of weeks, but I have been held back.
And yes I do remove unwanted comments!