Tuesday, July 26


By: Kate Mosse

I love these kind of books that remind me about "The Davinci code" where you are trying to solve an ancient mystery. Unfortunately I think I solved this one a little to early. As I guess most readers do as soon as all the main caracters have been introduced in the book (or its just me that is paying attention to the right things).

Other than that I like it that the books starts with a high intensity speed and then continues on the same level. But as always there is the slower part and I feel that this was in the end. I don't know why but the last few chapters the book just died for me. This in where I usually sit glued and uncontactable from the surroundings. Here I put the book down several times and felt no real rush to finish it of at all.

I give it a mere 3.

page count: 1030 + 620 = 1650

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