Saturday, July 30


By: Michael Crichton

Science fiction is not really my cup of tea, but when I found this one in the bookshelf at La casa de los Tersos where I trade my books I felt that it was something that a science geek like me should read.

It was good, but to be honest I would love to see this one made into a well made Hollywood motion picture. I think I would do even better.

What I really really like is that you don't really know what parts are true and what is fiction (except the genemodified animals). But when it came to all the lawsuits at one point I started getting bored.

Do you like genes, genemodification, hybrid species, multibillion dollar industries and law suits then this is the book for you. And yhea ofcourse high tech equipment. But you have to be somewhat of a science nerd I think to really really appreciate what it is the author writes about.

I give it a four.

Page count: 2097 + 528 = 2615

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