Sunday, September 11

Linköping shopping part I

So I have been in Sweden two weeks and already had time to do some shopping. Yes no news there I have a problem, but this time some of the things were also necessary.

You would think that having been in a cheap country for 4 months that there would be NOTHING more that my closet need until early next year. and yhea that could be true if I would have been able to find pants that fitted me over there.

Since I came home I have needed to get a new pair of jeans, since all mine are to big and are getting quite thin (we are talking ripping any second thin), my seat pants are to big, didn't bring enough warm sweaters with me from home and also forgot all my tights with feet at home.

 Left all my nailpolish at home so bought this kit for €4 at H&M
 Knitted pale pink tunic on 70% from "Made in the shade"
 New gym singlet, not on sale but only have one workout top with me, wokring out more than 3x a week sort of makes me feel that I needed atleast one more "Rönish"
 Tights from Åhlens, great for short skirts and tunic before the thick knitted ones are pulled out of the closet
 Jeans 70% sale fram "Mason and Scotch"
"Stay in place" sports bra, as with the singlet one is just not enough when you work out more than once a week.

So what is not better to do than finding all these things while there is a 70% sale going on in the shops? Yews great idea, but it also means that more items find their way into the shopping bag. Like a new white top and fall jacket.
Some things are already in the laundry but will post them shortly.

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