Friday, October 21

Definitions writing your assignment:

I have come up with some definitions so that you now IF you are working on your assifgnment, or just fooling around with it:

  1. When writing the real word count has to be over 250 words, ie Abstract does not count until the rest of paper is completed
  2. Three sentences that are all in the same paragraph does count as long as they make sense
  3. Doing 54 different graphs and tables are important, you never know which one you might end up using as long as they don't look like this (sorry E)
  4. Putting all your referenses in order is work, will save you from failing because you have forgotten one.
  5. Crtl C from an old report is actual work. I just need to refrase what I have said ones before in some sections (Score)

I just have to share with you E's modern art from our data, I am impressed with this graph to say the least....

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