Wednesday, February 15

New years resolution 2

45 days without any shopping.
AS many say it gets easier and I can't more than agree. I do catch myself from time to time to think about what I want to get and when ads flash by on website for the spring colections I am tempted to go and have alook. But by looking its soo easy to slip.

This also comes to stores with the big signs of 75% of end of sale sale etc. This is the time of the year when I tend to go crazy and stock up in my wardrobe.

The sary part is that my bank account is already looking little healthier (minus fixing the car) and for everyday that passes I feel proud ove rmyself!

I have said there are some things that I need to get and the list has not grown (thank god)

what I need to get by summer:
  • New mascara - fingers crossed he existing one lasts another month
  • facial wash - might survive until end of year though, 
  • Facial cream - fingers crossed 2 more months
  • Converse -  I had to throw away all my thin summer shoes last year. They were more or less dead (we are talking big- HUGE holes in them)
Thats all! from this list I should easily manage 150 days. At first I said 75, but that feels to easy....

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