Tuesday, April 17

The emotional yoyo

I feel like a Yo-Yo at the moment. My emotions are sort of spunn around and I flip from happiness, acceptance, grief, heart ache, emptyness, anciety attacks, etc

Again there is SOOO much happening in my life at ones that I can't really handle it properly.
  • Its Work - I love my job, but also hate it. Its in the rwong location, I feel closed in a stuck.
  • Living - I love y apartment, but I Hate the town. I have NO friends living in the town anymore and the emptyness in suffocating.
  • Uni - Yhea we are at the end of the thesis. Need I say more?
  • Love - What love?
  • Future I - I have signed the papers for a summerjob (YAY) and am so excited, but there is so much that needs to be finished by then I want it all to be done now. 
  • Future II - and beause my summer is already set and fixed I am not paicing about what will happen this fall. I do NOT want to go back to my old job, I can't. But I don't know what I want to do. 

Yes I now one day at a time. But right  now everyday hurt so much, do not move fast enough, but it still moves to fast. SO much to do so little time, but to much time to spend alone and feel the emptyness.

Yes rambeling, but this is how my brain spins out of control right now. Am I closed to the famous wall? Probably yes!

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Ia said...

jag säger svempa!
men han är borta maj-sept troligen.