Sunday, August 26

Books in the reading pile.

Since I have completely lost track of what books I have read and have been horrible, horrible in updating this part. I am starting it over from today.

I have added the books I read last year into the page count, but will not give a review over them (to long since I read them).

The books I have read this year I am actually a litte unsure of, but have started the page count 2012 and will just list them below.

So from today its serious books reviews and updates that is on the agenda.
Might be that I do give review over the Hunger games series.

Books read to date in 2012:
  • The hunger games (book 1) by: Suzanne Collins, page count: 454
  • The hunger games Catching fire (book 2) by: Suzanne Collins, page count 475
  • The hunger games mocking jay (book 3) by; Suzanne Collins, page count: 454
  • Altar of Bones by: Philip Carter, page count 631
  • The wheel of time Knife of dreams (book 11) by: Robert Jordan, page count 761

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