Saturday, August 25

Its time to shape up

I am not talking about my physical fitness here, because that one is actually improving. I have great plans for fitness fall 2012 (hahahaha)

But I am talking about my lack of blogging action. Not sure what has happened, I plan to blog even know what to write about, but before I know it two or more days has passed and nothing has been written.

I know this is a clear sign that I need to slowdown quite a lot and go back to basics. I am trying.

My weeks at the moment are: Work, run, sleep, do something fun on the weekend and then back on the work, run sleep mode again.

And you know what I think it is helping. I feel less stressed even though from day to day I think my colleagues are seriously contemplating having me tested for an ADHD diganosis (no joke) or they suspect at least that I have forgotten to take my medication.

Maybe one day I will learn how to relax and take one day at a time. At least I have managed to move down to one month at a time, we are working on the weekly bits as we speak.....

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