Thursday, September 6


Last year I was asked by our new principal to take over the mentorship on a student and then another. This is something that is quite unusual that a student switshes between differnt mentors.

The only time thus occurs is when a mentor either quits or there has been a trust issue. Yes some people donot work well together and that is also a student/teacher relationship when it comes to mentoring.

During my five year carrer I have had one student to demand changing to another mnetor from me, and now one asking for me specifically even though I didn't even belong to the correct mentor team.

Well this student is a little special it has a terrible disease it  is living with and we have to make special arangements around it. The lastest is "mentor time" that is a designated hour a week I'm supposed to me this student. This student needs to workout at the school gym at least ones a week and well some one (read med) felt this was the perfect time and place to meet. INstead of having the horrible across the desk meeting with me having a notepad and writing down everything we say, why not have an hour at the gym instead?!

Well me being me cannot be at the gym just walking around. The student wants company, not someone sitting of their time with them. So in between the sessions where it needed help I worked out. WE are talking 45 min work ot with low weights half hearted since there were som many things that needed to get storted this time. Why then are my legs and bum litterally killing me after a 1x10 lounges session and 10 min on a bike??? The rest were uppebody of helping the student.....

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