Tuesday, January 1

2012 through the rearview mirror

2012 the year my blog died. Or almost.

I have had all intentions to blog almost everyday, but about what?

My anciety attacks that ripped my life apart. They started easter 2011 and calmed down in june 2012. But until then almost everyday was a struggle. Yes Mexico was not to bad, I had other things to focus about, but when I came home I fell apart.

In 2012 I completed my master thesis, I graduated from university with a masters degree in science AND I dared to stand up when I couldn't take it anymore.

If 2011 was a highspeed rollercoaster with extreme highs and lows, 2012 was a struggle. To make it out of bed, to write my thesis, to stand infront of the class teaching. I have had panicattacks at work not nowing how to hold it together, I have cried, cired and cired until there were no more tears.
There were months were I hardly slept at all. 2-3hrs undistrubed sleep was a dream come true.

And then came June, a new job for a couple of months. No everything during this time was not a dance on roses, there were hard times. But oh SO many good times and the friends I made during this summer. You guys helped so much.

My other friends I know who you are and where I have you guys. That all of you had the energy to stand beside me, hold me up, push me forward, listen, listen, listen and give good advice. There is no way that I ever can repay what you have done for me. I love you guys with all my heart and more.

This fall has been slow, oh so slow, the waiting for something to happend. Right now when I write this and try to sumarize my year I can honestly say that there has been alot of crazy nights with to much alcohol, guys, ice cream, pizza and freinds!

2012 was also the year I started to run. I ran tjejmilen on 64.58 min and am planning to next year run SUB60!

to sumarize 2012 this was the year when I closed doors that needed closing, basically straightened out many questionarks!

2013 feels like the year of change!

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