Sunday, January 13

Wear and tear

I am a person that loves to shop and buy new things. But I am also a person that never ever ever throw away items that are not worn to pieces.

I have managed to convince myself on several occasions that I need to give items to charity and that I do.

what I find interesting is how much underwear some people seem to be purchasing a year. I think on average I might buy 2 new bras a year and knickers I have no clues (I buy those when I'm in desperate need of new ones). Yes since I have a small bra size I know that I don't put as much strain on them as a person with a D-cup. But still. How many bras do a person need honestly?

Will get back some day on these thoughts.....

photo: Nelly

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Ia said...

Så många att man kan låta bli att tvätta på 6-8 veckor.