Sunday, April 14

A little bit of shopping

Having spent the weekend in Linköping I am now all relaxed with fully charged batteries, a new haircut and colour + new items in my wardrobe.

My friend M found out on friday that she got the PhD position she had applied for and we needed to celebrate. Friday was not an option since I had a 25th birthday party to attend and she is currently in an ICLD (insanely low calorie diet).
Yesterday I had a 3 hr hairdressers appointment and after that a hangover to cure. Instead we decided to go shopping today and not for gymclothes.

The only thing I needed were basic items like eye make up remover, ankle socks and a new eye primer.

I found those items and:
  2 necklases on sale

 a cute singlet almost for free (ok ok I am planning to run hot summer days in this)

a shirt that had my name on it. Its monkeys and Tucans on it!!

A scarf - see above argument!

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