Saturday, May 4

Silver rings

In december I was with my mom shopping for christmas gifts. She was so happy because I actually wished for new earings in christmas gift. This thing with buying jewellery to me has been her achillesheel since I can remember.

With jewellery as with clothes I became quite picky in my teens (to say the least, this does not mean I had style in my teens) and there was a lot of fights over why I was not wearing some of the items I was given. I am also the kind of girl that accepts gifts and don't complain (to much). At one point I was given a silver necklace form my grandmam that I remeber at that point saying this is a guys chain and being told that this is not the case. I hated that chain (still do) but shut up and wore it a couple of times to please. Years and years later I was asked why I never wore that chain or if I had lost it and I said the same thing its a guy chain.

This never ending fight and me inheriting quite alot of jewellery resulted in me and my mother coming to an agreement that she is not allowed to buy and jewellery unless I specifically ask for it. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No Ihave not been able to point and say I want this, but I have been able to request whay type of jewellery I want (silver or gold this is, not fake cheap stuff).

Ohwell christmas it was looking at earringsI fell in love with thise clawring, not a basic everyday earing that I wished for. Anyhow today when I was downtown looking for new cool compressionsocks to wear when running G√∂teborgsvarvet in 2 weeks I stepped into Guldfynd to  have a look. And to my luck the clawring was on 50% sale. Guess who was happy leaving that store. Walking home i took a new route due to a running competition in town and saw that the antiqueshop was open. I stepped in to have a look at the paintings. I left the shop with two silver rings, a plain simple one from 1920 and a more elaborate from 1930.

I realized when I got home that these are my first silver rings I have bought since high school. I have been given three rings since. A silver ring from A for my bachelors of Science graduation, a gold ring I designed myself for my double bachelors and inherited my Daisy duck ring from grandma. Other than that I have bought one fake ring since high school.

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