Friday, September 27

Raise your voice

Its funny how you sometimes meet the right person at the right thime, or the person who knows the right person.

A couple of weeks ago I joined a new gym in the town where I know live. Why I decided on this gymis because you have "free" access to the swimming pool in your memebership. For my it means that I only have to tay one monthly fee for swimming and training (yes I'm going indoors for the winter season).

Its has all been good and for the last 3 weeks I have attended over 10 classes (ie I have spend some time at the gym), but I am so not happy with their service.

You don't feel welcome whenwalking through the door, there was no introductory information what so ever when I signed up (I had to ask the following day where I find womens lockerrooms AND where the room for dance classes are located).

This feeling that you are not welcome and that its only certain memebers you pay attention to have increased over the few weeks. I have actually considered trying out other gyms and paying the double fee for swimming and traning just to feel more welcome.

Today I talked to one of my collagues and she qas asking how I like my new town, if I had started training at a gymyet etc etc and I told her what I was feeling. Turns out her husband is head manager at this gym.

So it was decided that after danceclass today I will met him and tell him about how I see the service and be informed about what services the gym actually offers.

Sometimes its good to be a bit disapointed about things..

to be continued......

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