Monday, September 16

Sports bra addiction

It all started in early July when I realized that my sports
bra I use for work at the aquarium had lost its shape. When I raised my arms it followed and you can imagine when you have a job with a lot of lifting, twisting, carrying, moving, jumping etc its not ultimate.

I decided to just get a new one for work in a cool colours since I had two good ones for when I work out. But after I bought I new one I realized that my other two were a little worn and Adidas by stella mcCartney had a really nice canary yelow that I have been droooling over quite a while.

I bought that one as well, and then I realized I need a new one with thinner straps and bought that one and then I found a black/grey one that I can use as a layer when using tops that have no back etc when working out.

So that is 4 sportsbras in 1 month (july-august) guess what I just found online......

Yes another cool sports bra (no I did not buy it).

Is there a rehab centre for sports bra addiction?

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