Friday, October 3


Last night me and a couple of friends decided to finally see Juno. we were originally planning to see it at the movies, but it only showed for a week here and we never had time to go and see it.
But last night we did & omg I just loved it. Had heard both great reviwes and not so great so didn't really now wat to expect from it. But I just loved every second of it. The quirky ness, the reality of the story and the runners. The lines were fast and witty, the story belivabe even though I was close call to take a turn into horrid movie I never wanna see, but just on that edge touching it but not going there. If you haven't seen it go and see it, its worth it.
You have to be able to take sarcasm though and realize what it is about. My high school students who have seen it disklike it alot, but think that might have something to do with age etc etc.

Without a doubt I give it:

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