Friday, October 3


The first time I heard about MBT shoes were from the cast in grey's anatomy that they were them and I just laughed.
Then they started to pop up at the gym and in shoe stores and I sniggered a littled had to touch and feel, yes i was curious but still not getting the point.

Then my esquerian instructor started to tell me that me heel tendons and backmuscles are to short and thats why I'm struggeling with getting my heels down and toes pointing up when I ride. he sugested standing in a stair twice a day and strech it out. That was when I first started think about these shoes. We have couple of girls at work who wears them and for one it hsa done a miracle on her walking abilities and she just look so much better when she walks (doesn't drag one foot behind her anymore).

Today I tired one on (in a size to small) and fell in love, now I just need to find €250 floating around somehwere spare in my home to be able to buy them.
Ofcourse I though they were hideous at first but the new models and colours are growing on me and well can I fix my legs and back and knee with a pair of shoes I'll give it a go.

Like this wave model, but think I'll settle for an allblack shadow the day I buy them.

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