Tuesday, November 18

Oh I have plenty of time-- where did those 3 hours go!

I have realized that almost everytime I'm dressed up I forget to take an outfit picture.
he thing is that everytime I actually have some fun event planned where I'm supposed to be dressed up and all nice in one way or another.

There is always 10 000 things happening before and I have like 30 min to get ready with shower and all.
You guys who know me knows that I always have bin a timeoptimist, okokok time stresser wich mesans that I have like 100 hrs left before I go anyplaces and sommuch time to do stuff that nothing happens. Well it seams australia and having full life have changed me into a 'better' person or what ever you are going to call it.
I never have time to spend to much time infront of mirror when getting all dolled up and actually study when I'm supposed to (most of the time)

Geez sounds like I have grown up, or is it the lovely horses in the stable and work taking my time?! Or it might be that I have become a Hoch school teatcher where 90% of the time I have to have a couple of balls in the air while lecturing, or attending a meeting or being in a parent teatcher conference!

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